White Fasoukh


Scientific Name: Ferula communis L.
Synonyms: Bubon rigidius L., Ferula anatriches (Kotschy) Sint., Ferula montis-elgonis Bullock
English Name: White Fasoukh
Other Names in English: Giant Fennel
Family: Apiaceae



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Rare and Precoius White Fasoukh For Sale

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About White Fasoukh

Ferula communis is a bush-like and perennial plant. Its stems are narrow and covered with fine, cotton-colored threads, and its height is about 2 meters. The root of the plant is straight, thick and cone-shaped. The leaves of the plant are relatively wide and long and have petioles. Its flowers are small, white and without peduncles, and its fruit is oval and brown in color and are double.

Inside the leaves and roots of this plant, there is a milky color sap, which is scratched and secreted due to the interference of natural and human factors or by animals and insects. This resin is called White Fasoukh, which after being in the air for, becomes teardrops and hardens. White Fasoukh resin color ranges from milky white to cinnamon brown. This gum has a bitter taste and an aromatic smell.

Temperament: Hot and dry.

Health Benefits

White Fasoukh has expectorant properties. It is also used to reduce congestion caused by colds and flu.

Since this resin has antibacterial and disinfectant compounds, it stimulates the body’s immune system and is suitable for the digestive and respiratory systems of the body.

White Fasoukh treats colds and asthma and is useful for chronic bronchitis and shortness of breath.

White Fasoukh improves joint and bone pain, gout, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Relieves digestive diseases, improving stomach gas, and reducing stomach bloating.

Kills stomach worms. Libido enhancer.

Harms: Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. If more than the standard dose is used, it causes the opening of blood vessels and may disturb the balance of blood flow and cause blood in the urine.

Dose: 2 to 5 grams

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