Euphorbia Sap


Scientific Name:
1- Euphorbia helioscopia L.
2- Euphorbia thymifolia L.
1- Galarhoeus helioscopius (L.) Haw.
2- Euphorbia afzelii N.E.Br.
English Name: Euphorbia
Other Names in English:
1- Euphorbia Sap, Madwoman’S Milk, Summer Spurge, Sun Spurge, Wartweed, Wolf’S-Milk, Wart Spurge.
2- Gulf sandmat, Chickenweed.
Family: Euphorbiaceae



Persian Name: فرفیون/ Farfioun
German Name: Sonnenwend-Wolfsmilch
French Name: Euphorbe réveille-matin


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About Euphorbia

Euphorbia is an annual plant that reaches fifty centimeters in height and has many species. This plant has a relatively thin, straight, elongated, and green stem with red veins, few leaves with a circular cross-section, which is regularly divided into five primary sub-stems. At the end of each primary sub-stem, usually three leaves grow and among these leaves some secondary and smaller sub-stems grow, and the end of these stems also have several leaves. In this way, the leaves of this plant grow without petioles and in the form of umbrellas. Five leaves grow regularly at the junction of the primary sub-stems with the main stem.

The sap of the stem of the Euphorbia plant is white. But after drying, it becomes yellowish gray and the older it gets, the darker and reddish it becomes. The aroma and taste of this sap is very spicy. The best Euphorbia sap should be fresh, pure, and yellowish gray with a sharp aroma and taste that bites the tongue. It should be porous and light and dissolve quickly in water and olive oil. The leaves of this plant are small, almost drop-shaped, and sometimes heart-shaped, and their side is often saw-like. The flowers are very small and greenish yellow and grow at the junction of leaves and stems.

The fruits are very small and pea-sized pod which is green at first. But after it is completely dried, it turns into light and dull brown. Three swollen parts can be seen on the surface of this fruit, and there is a narrow groove between each part, and after full ripening, these grooves crack. Inside each pod there are several very small, almost spherical and pointed seeds that have an uneven and slightly wrinkled surface.

Euphorbia Sap/Latex Temperament

Fourth degree of hot and dry.

Euphorbia Sap/Latex Health Benefits

Sun Spurge sap expels phlegm from the body. Treats mental disorders.

It cures parkinson’s, paralysis, convulsions, vertigo, epilepsy, strokes, nightmares, polydipsia, splenitis, colic, sciatica, back pain caused by phlegm, joint pain and coldness of kidney.

If you sprinkle 0.4 g of Euphorbia sap powder with egg yolk and eat it, it is very useful for paralysis of each part of the organs.

Gargling solution of Euphorbia sap and warm water improves epilepsy. Inhaling a lot of Sun Spurge sap helps to cure paralysis.

Euphorbia Sap/Latex Side Effects

Testicles, ovaries, and the lower parts of the intestines.

Hot temperament people and pregnant women.

Euphorbia sap is highly pyrogenic. Especially fresh one.

Eating 7g of Sun Spurge sap causes sleepiness, hot flashes, and severe internal burning, hiccups, severe anxiety, and ulcers in the stomach and intestines, and after three days it will result in death.

Euphorbia Sap/Latex Dose

0.4 gram

Euphorbia Sap/Latex Modifier

Damask Rose oil for the testicles and ovaries.

Commiphora mukul, Licorice root, Cinnamon, Valerian root, Gum Tragacanth, Gum Arabic and sweet almond oil for the lower part of the intestine.

If someone is poisoned by eating Sun Spurge sap, you should grease his body with suitable oils and feed him or her with Pomegranate juice, sour-sweet apple, lemon juice, barley potage, Damask Rose oil, Camphor and Rose Water. Then sit him or her in cold water and give him sips of Rose water. Then put cold compresses (such as Rosewater or Chicory) on their liver.

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