Myrtus Communis

Scientific Name: Myrtus Communis L.
English Name: Myrtle
Other Names in English:
Family: Myrtaceae

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Health Benefits

Temperament: Cold and dry.
Vitamins: It has A vitamin.
1- Brew 25 grams of dried myrtle in a liter of boiling water and strain the water and drink it 2 or 3 times a day, one cup each time. It is astringent, it is effective for relieving indigestion and stomach and liver diseases, and it is useful for relieving brain disorders, especially epilepsy.
2- Every day, sprinkle 2 grams of its powder on the liver and half-bake the liver on the fire and eat it. Cures Nyctalopia.
3- Eating its essential oil is refreshing and strengthens the heart, has a beneficial effect on healing internal ulcer.
4- Mix 100 grams of fresh myrtle extract with sesame oil and drink it, it is a strong laxative for phlegm.
5- Smelling fresh myrtle strengthens the brain.
6- Sitting in its brewed water is useful for removing anal protrusion.
7- Inhale its decoction half-warm in the nose. Opens nasal congestion.
8- If draw it in your eyes like kohl, it increases the vision of the eye, relieves suffocation, headache, dizziness, eye and ear pain and toothache, is useful for healing mouth ulcers.
9- Strain its fresh juice and drop it in the eyes. It is beneficial for relieving and strengthening eye pain and prevents pus secretion from the eyes and heals eye ulcers.
10- Gargle its decoction. Relieves mouth thrush, relieves hot toothaches, and relieves sagging gums and mouth ulcers.
11- Rubbing its essential oil is antiseptic and also treats rheumatism.
12- If you pound its fresh leaves and rub its juice on the protruding anus, it will get back to its place.
13- Its fresh poultice with vinegar on the forehead is useful for stopping bleeding from the nose, if poultice it on the head, it is useful for drying head wounds.
14- Its fresh poultice with rose oil and egg yolk on the head, relieves dizziness caused by severe trauma.
15- The compress of its brewed water is very beneficial for relieving joint pain and broken bone pain, accelerating its repair and healing, and also for preventing hair loss.
16- Rub its dry powder on the body. It is useful for relieving underarm and groin bad smell.
17- Cook it, then pound it and mix it with pulverized caraway, then mix those two with egg yolk and half-warm rose oil and put it on a cotton cloth and stick it to the waist. It is very useful for relieving cramps, trauma, pain and weakness of the limbs.
18- Its poultice is useful for the treatment of hemorrhoids and testicular inflammation. It is analgesic for hot swellings, scarlet fever, injuries, paronychia and wounds on the palms of the hands and feet, it is useful for relieving heel pain.
Note: It is harmful for hot headaches and catarrh, lavish in smelling it causes insomnia.
Modifier: Violet flower.


It is a plant of the Myrtaceae family, an evergreen shrub, about three meters tall. The leaves are opposite, oval, pointed, full, leathery, shiny and dark green, very beautiful and fragrant, the length of each leaf is 2.5 to 5 cm. This plant grows in semi-humid areas with temperate and half-warm climates. Native to southern Europe and Asia, grows in India, seen in Iran in at least 12 semi-humid cities wildly.

Chemical Constituents

Myrtenyl acetate (20.75%), 1, 8-cineol (16.55%), α-pinene (15.59%), linalool (13.30%), limonene (8.94%), linalyl acetate (3.67%), geranyl acetate (2.99%), and α-terpineol (2.88%) are the major components.

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