Scientific Names: Centaurea cyanus L.
Synonym: Setachna cyanus (L.) Dulac.
English Name: Cornflower
Other Names in English: Bachelor’s Button, Blue Bottle
Family: Asteraceae


Plant Parts: Flowers and leaves
Cultivation Mode: Wild collection/ Cultivated
In Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical, tea, cosmetics, extract, oil
In Food: Pottages


Persian Name: گل گندم- ترنشاه/ Gole Gandom- Taranshah
German Name: Kornblume, Kornblume getrocknet
French Name: Bleuet, Bleuet pétales


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About Centaurea Cyanus

Centaurea cyanus is a one-year plant whose height reaches seventy centimeters.

The stems of this plant are relatively thin and hairy and their cross section is circular.

The leaves of the Centaurea cyanus plant are narrow, elongated, pointed and slightly hairy and grow without petioles. The lower leaves of this plant are slightly longer and wider.

At the end of each flowering stem, grows a drop-shaped, small, green bulge. Each bulge consists of a many triangular-shaped and relatively elongated leaflets that are densely placed next to each other. On the side of each leaf there are several very small blades. At the tip of each spike are many very small purple flowers. Around these flowers, there are a number of larger, trumpet-shaped, blue, narrow and elongated flowers that grow in the form of the radii of a circle.

After fully ripening and drying, these bulges split open and turn pale brown. Many elongated, almost oval, grayish-white, sometimes brown seeds can be seen inside each bulge.

The corner of each seed has a well-defined notch.

Cornflower Temperament

Third degree of hot and dry.

Cornflower Chemical Constituents

Chichorigenin, Cyanidin, Cyanidol, Cyanoside, Centaurin

Cornflower Health Benefits

Cornflower is fattening, sexual power enhancer, erectile, stone breaker, and diuretic.

Cornflower cures dysuria, jaundice, liver diseases and fever. Eating it with apple juice stops bleeding. Its poultice improves bleeding, Psoriasis, and scurf.

The flowers of this plant are used in the form of an infusion as a diuretic for polydipsia patients. It also softens the chest and relieves cough in colds and hoarseness. A decoction of the stems, flowers and leaves of the plant has an antipyretic effect.

The seeds of this plant are laxative.

In India, the flowers of this plant are used as emmenagogue.

Its flowers can be used to color some foods due to its red pigment.

Cornflower Dose

3 grams

Cornflower Side Effects

It can cause nausea.

Cornflower Modifiers

Rhubarb and Pomegranate.

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