Dried Plums


Scientific Names: Prunus domestica L.
Synonym: Prunus cerasiflora Paill.
English Name: Dried Plums
Other names in English: European Plum (Damson- Prune- Victoria- Greengage- Mirabelle), Wild Plum, Bullace Plum.
Family: Rosaceae

Pharmaceutical, Herbal Tea, Food, Dried Fruit, Ice Cream, Extract, Beverages, Chewing gum, Confectionary, Chocolate, Paste.

Persian Name: آلو- گوجه برغانی- آلو بخارا/ Aloo- Goje Baraghani- Aloo Bukhara
German Name: Pflaumenbaum, Reineclaude, Reneklode, Rundpflaumen
French Name: Prunier domestique, Pruneaulier, Prunier, Prunier commun


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About Plums

Plum is the fruit of a tree whose height reaches five meters. The plum tree is very similar to the peach and apricot tree. There are many types of plums, but four types are more famous. Prune, Mirabelle, Damson and Wild Plum.

The older the plum tree trunk gets, the darker it gets. The leaves of the plum tree are almost oval and rhomboid, and their side is jagged and saw-like. Its flowers are white, each of which has five oval petals and are completely separated from each other.

Its fruit is spherical and has a deep groove on one side. Prunes are red until they are picked from the tree. But after picking, it becomes dry and a little dark. The taste of Mirabelle and Damson fruit is sweet or sour-sweet. But Wild Plum is sour and smaller than other varieties. In the middle of the plum fruit, there is a hard, relatively wide, oval and pointed kernel.

The best type is yellow and large.

Temperament: Second degree of cold and moist

Chemical Constituents: Malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, salicylic acid, sacarose, amygdalin.

Health Benefits

Plum is laxative. Dried plums are appetizing. Plum tree leaves expel stomach worms and laxatives. The resin of its tree is a phlegm breaker.

Dried Plum improves hot headache, choleric fevers, thirst and body itching and relieves inflammation and heart heat. Sweet dried plum is more effective than other plums in expelling yellow bile and is useful for hot stomachs. Eating it before meals is good for digestion. But cold temperament people should have their stomach corrected first.

Its leaves cure choleric fevers, sanguine fevers, dizziness, headache, and nausea. A decoction of its leaves is useful for tonsils, small tongue, and pharyngitis problems, strengthens the gums and eliminates colds. Poultice of plum leaves under the navel is very useful to get rid of intestinal worms.

Dose: Eating seven dried Plums is laxative and eating fifteen can cause diarrhea.

Harms: Brain, cold stomach and cold-tempered people

Modifiers: Jujube for brain. Goleghand and Sekanjebin for stomach. Honey, Frankincense and Terebinth for cold temperaments.

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