Scientific Name: Bellis perennis L.
Synonyms: Bellis hortensis Mill.
English Name: Daisy
Other Names in English: Lawn Daisy
Family: Asteraceae



Persian Name: گل مینا/ Gole Mina
German Name: Gewöhnliches Gänseblümchen, Gänseblümchen, Maßliebchen, Ausdauerndes Gänseblümchen, Gemeines Gänseblümchen, Maßliebchen, Tausendschönchen
French Name: Pâquerette, Pâquerette vivace, Pâquerette pérennante


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About Bellis Perennis

This is a herbaceous and perennial plant whose height reaches twenty centimeters. The leaves of this plant are often oval, sometimes circular, sometimes egg-shaped, hairy and slightly fleshy. They grow in the lowest part of the plant, near the root. On the side of these leaves there are small teeth with long distances.

The leaves of Bellis perennis plant have long and thick petioles. Several stems grow from the leaves, and each stem leads to a flower. The stems are relatively thick and hairy and their cross section is circular. Bellis perennis flowers are relatively large and have white, small, elongated, narrow, tender and completely separate petals. The central part of these flowers is yellow and slightly prominent. The seeds are very small, almond-shaped, elongated, pointed and pale brown.

Bellis Perennis Chemical Constituents

Essence, a yellow material, Mucilage, Tannin, Saponin, Malic acid, Vinic acid, Acetic acid, Oxalic acid.

Bellis Perennis Temperament


Bellis Perennis Health Benefits

Bellis perennis flower is diuretic, diaphoretic, and blood purifier. Its leaves are laxative. Improves fever, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, asthma, inflammation of the trachea, liver failure, breast cancer, cough, chest diseases. The tea of this flower helps to treat blood phlegm, liver, kidney and bladder diseases. The poultice of the leaves heals the wound.

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