Plantago Major Seeds

Scientific Name: Plantago Major L.
Synonyms: Plantago Asiatica L.
Name: Plantain Seeds
Other Names in English: Grand Plantain, Larger Plantain
Family: Plantaginaceae

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Product Details

Health Benefits

1- Brew it, then drink tea and eat seeds together. Heals gastrointestinal ulcers, softens the chest and is effective in treating lung disorders and asthma, eliminates the presence of blood in the homours, is a tonic and stimulant, prevents vomiting the food, It is used to strengthens the kidneys, liver and spleen.
2- Drink its mucus and enema with its extract. It is effective for treating intestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids.
3- Every morning and evening, mix a spoonful of it with barberry syrup and drink it. It eliminates blood in the urine which is caused by liver weakness.
4- Boil it in equal amounts of half-smashed mallow root, then strain and drink it. It stops diarrhea which is caused by moisture and phlegm.
5- Brew it with equally amount of Screw Tree Pods and mix this tea with sweet almond oil and drink it. Treats abdominal cramps.
6- Wash your face three times a day with its boiled water. Removes brown spots on the face over time.
7- Washing burnt organs (in fire or other chemicals such as acids and bases) facilitates the healing of the burnt organ and reduces the burning of the wound.


Chemical compounds: 0.183% of “Holoside planteose” is present in broadleaf plantain seeds.
It is a plant of the Paintaginaceae family, perennial, herbaceous, wild, up to 10 to 45 cm tall and without stems. There are several species of this plant, it is found in Iran around Tehran, Rey, Karaj, Gilan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Khorasan, Isfahan and Baluchistan and is generally considered a weed (grass) and it is found in abundance along waterways in gardens, on grasses and temperate regions of the earth and it is also produced in some areas as cultivated.

Chemical Constituents

0.186% of Holoside planteose is present in broadleaf plantain seeds.

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