Squill Bulb


Scientific Name: Drimia maritima (L.) Stearn
Synonyms: Scilla maritima L.
English Name: Squill Bulb
Other Names in English: Red Squill, Sea Onion, Sea Squill, Maritime Squill
Family: Asparagaceae



Persian Name: پیاز عنصل، پیاز دشتی، پیاز موش/ Piaz Onsol, Piaz Dashti, Piaz Moush
German Name: Meerzwiebel
French Name: Scille maritime


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About Drimia maritima 

Squill bulb is a perennial underground plant whose height reaches one meter.

The main stem of this plant is straight, hollow, pink, opaque and its cross section is circular.

The leaves are elongated, relatively wide, shiny and slightly twisted, and they create a compact part in the upper section of this plant, and in general they are similar to the leaves of the lily plant.

Flowers are white or grayish white and small and grow in clusters in the upper half of its stem. Each flower has six almost oval petals and is connected to the main stem by a small petiole.

Its fruit is olive-brown in color and has 3 cells, each cell contains 3 to 4 round and dark seeds.

Its seeds are similar to onion seeds. But a little bigger.

The onion or underground tuber of this plant, which is usually used in traditional medicine, is large and bulky, measuring 10-15 x 8-20 cm. The weight of each onion sometimes reaches 3 kg and it is usually taken out from under the soil in autumn. After harvesting, bulbs are cleaned and out layers which are red, dry, thin and unusable are removed.

The inside of the bulb is cleaned, then it is cut into thin pieces with a sharp blade, dry and keep in a cool place, if not they will stick together. Unlike the outer layers of the bulbs, the inside layers are thick and white and full of slimy juice, odorless but very bitter and spicy. In the international market, two types are usually offered: one in red and the other in white.

The best type of Squill bulb is pear-shaped, shiny yellow-white, medium in size, and has a spicy, bitter and slightly sweet taste.

Drimia maritima Chemical Constituents

Scillipicrine, scillitoxin, silane, scillaren A, scillaren B, scillaren C, scilliroside, sterol, choline.

Squill Bulb Temperament

Hot in the third degree and dry in the second degree.

Health Benefits of Red Squill

Squill bulb is a laxative for thick humors, eye tonic, throat tonic, food digester, bladder stone destroyer, emmenagogue, and digestive power tonic. Its seeds are laxative.

Squill bulb absorbs the thick and slimy humors from body’s organs and expels the excrement from deep inside the body. Also, improves epilepsy, melancholia, temple pain, headache, dizziness, eye twitching, paresis, paralysis, facial nerve paralysis, forgetfulness, cataracts, ear pain, shortness of breath, chronic cough, rough throat, vomiting blood, dropsy, stiffness of the spleen, stomach cramps, joints pain, sciatica, dysuria, internal ulcers, neuralgia, alopecia areata, and leprosy.

Eating 5 grams of a uniform mixture of Drimia maritima bulb with six times salt and some oil on an empty stomach is laxative and helps to cure the mentioned diseases.

Eating 3.5 grams of grilled squill bulbs alone or with honey is useful for curing dizziness, epilepsy, melancholy, relaxation, paralysis, and facial nerve paralysis. If you cook Drimia marimia with twice of honey, eating it will help to treat shortness of breath and hoarseness. Eating 2 grams of this bulb cooked in honey improves stomach pain and weakness, indigestion, jaundice, old cough, shortness of breath, bloody sputum, colic and urinary retention. Eating 2 grams of grilled squill bulbs with honey drink is beneficial for leprosy.

If you cover this bulb with clay, cook it under fire, then mix some of it with onion, garlic and a little salt, eating 11 grams of it with cooked rice will remove any kind of worms from the stomach.

Eating 0.25 grams of pounded squill bulb with its root is a strong emetic. If you put two eggs without shell in the middle of this bulb and heat it until it is cooked, eating these eggs is laxative.

Rubbing the poultice of Drimia marimia on the head, legs and thighs is very beneficial for Alzheimer. If you mix a small amount of marshmallow (Althaea officinalis L.), wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.), aloe resin (Aloe succotrina Lam.), myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), and terebinth gum (Pistacia terebinthus L.) in equal proportions, and heat the grated squill bulb on the fire to the extent that its intensity decreases. Then mix it with the previous combination, its poultice on the head and areas on the legs, thighs, knees and soles of the feet which hijama has been done on them, is useful for fissure caused by extreme coldness, warts and Alzheimer.

Squill bulb poultice with beeswax and a small amount of sulfur improves malignant wounds, dry scabies, pruritus and psoriasis. The poultice of cooked squill bulb with vinegar is beneficial for snake bites.

If you grind the inner layers of squill bulb with vinegar, mix it with oil and apply it on the body in the bathroom, it will cure any type of vitiligo. If you finely chop this bulb and boil it in lily oil until it is dry and partially burnt, then mix it with oil and apply it on the body, it is useful for joint pain, gout, pain and ear congestion.

If you mix onion leaves with twice honey, drinking it is beneficial for shortness of breath.

Drimia maritima seed improves stomach cramps, anal pain and eye pain. If you knead the grinded seeds of on Drimia maritima with vinegar, make a small ball out of it and put it between figs. Then soak it in diluted honey for a day, sucking this fig and drinking warm water is very beneficial for colic.

Preparation Instruction for Squill Bulb Vinegar

Squill Bulb Vinegar cuts the thick and slimy humors, and removes black bile from burning phlegm, and is beneficial for the diseases caused by these humors. It is a tonic for the stomach and it is useful for brain diseases such as melancholy, madness, obsession, epilepsy, vertigo, Alzheimer and paralysis, facial nerve paralysis, brain stroke and body weakness. Its drops are useful for earaches that are not caused by wounds, hearing difficulties, and keeping it in the mouth for mouth, gum, and tooth diseases. In short, Squill bulb vinegar is also useful for all the cases mentioned for its bulb.

Middle and dried flesh leaves of Squill bulb 5 units, crystallized acetic acid 1 unit, white grape vinegar 49 units. Half pound the Squill bulb and mix it with other ingredients in a crystal container, soak it for 8 days, stir it time to time, and then press it through a cloth, strain it with paper, and store it. This vinegar is very useful for absorbing and expelling breast secretions and at the same time it is a diuretic. Its dosage amount for each time of consuming is 2 to 5 grams, which can be mixed with a tasty beverage before consumption.

Preparation Instruction for Squill Bulb Honey Sekanjebin

Squill bulb vinegar 1 unit, white honey 4 units. Cook it in a porcelain or silver dish so that the same weight of honey that was consumed is obtained. The amount of consumption of this kind of Sekanjebin is 15 to 60 grams, which can be used in a decoction or a suitable tasty beverage.

Preparation Instruction for Squill Bulb Powder

Heat middle flesh leaves of Squill bulb in a hothouse at 40 degrees centigrade, dry and grind them soft and passed through a silk sieve No. 120 of Pharmaceuticals. This powder is very moisture absorbent and should be dried in a hothouse again after preparation and then store in a dry place. This powder is very diuretic and its consumption dosage is 1 to 3 decigrams, which is usually taken as a pill.

Preparation Instruction for Squill Bulb Honey

The dried middle flesh leaves of Squill bulb 1 unit, boiling water 16 units and white honey 12 units. Brew Squill bulbs in boiling water and strain it, add honey and bring it to the consistency of syrup. The consumption dosage of this honey is 10 to 50 grams, which can be mixed in a suitable tasty beverage.

Preparation Instruction for Squill Bulb Diuretic Pills

Squill bulbs 5 centigrams, Digitalis nervosa powder 5 centigrams, Scammony resin (Convolvulus scammonia) 5 centigrams, mix and make tablets and eat 3 tablets a day.

Sea Squill Dosage

Up to 5 grams.

Side Effects of Drimia maritima Bulb

It’s harmful to the nerves of hot temperaments and pregnant women.

Eating Squill bulb causes headache and nausea.

Applying it raw on the skin causes sores. This bulb has an irritating effect on the skin, especially on the mucous membranes of the body. For this reason, it is considered one of the poisonous bulbs, which should be used with caution, especially for oral use.

It is very dangerous to eat more than 5 grams. Especially if it is raw.

Squill Bulb Modifiers

Sugar cube and rock candy to relieve headache and nausea.

For the wound caused by Squill bulb, you can use pounded litharge mixed with water on the wounds.

If someone gets sick as a result of eating Squill bulb, he/she should vomit, drink cold temperament herbs, slimy mucilage of seeds such as Plantago ovata, cold temperament fruit juices and fatty pottages.


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