Musk Willow


Scientific Name: Salix aegyptiaca L.
Synonym: Salix medemii Boiss., Salix moscata Flod.
English Name: Musk Willow
Other Names in English: Egyptian Willow, Pussy Willow, Persian Willow
Family: Salicaceae


Plant Parts: Leaves, flowers, flower oil, flower hydrosol
Cultivation mode: Wild collection/ Cultivated

Foods: Halva


Persian Name: Bidmeshk- Gorbeh Bid- Shah Bid/ بیدمِشک- گُربه بید- شاه بید


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About Musk Willow

The height of the Musk Willow tree reaches eight meters. The leaves are oval, pointed, slightly hairy and relatively thin, their edges are saw-shaped and they have short petioles. The color of the back of the leaves is lighter than the top.

The flowers are a collection of pale yellow and fluffy strings that grow in an egg shape. There is a bright yellow seed at the head of each of these strands. The flowers are very fragrant and bloom before the young leaves grow.

The fruits are small, elongated, conical, relatively narrow and green and grow in clusters.

Temperament: The flower of the Musk Willow tree is cold in the second degree and moist in the first degree. Its leaves have a cold and dry temperament. The fruit is cold and moist in the first degree.

Chemical Constituent: Salicin glycoside, daphneflavonolosides, populosides

Health Benefits

Musk Willow unclogs cerebral congestion and is laxative. Its hydrosol is tonic for the brain, heart, and intestines.

Its hydrosol strengthens sexual power in warm temperament people.

Its flower cures headaches which are caused by hot stomach vapors. Smelling flowers or hydrosol strengthens the brain.

Gargling the extract of Musk Willow leaves removes the leech left in the throat.

Its flower oil prevents the rise of stomach vapors, it is useful for hot headaches, and eating it can cool the blood in people who have hot blood.

Dose: Musk Willow hydrosol can be drinking 20 to 48 grams just on the condition that we add some sugar, honey, or rock candy to it.

Harms: Drinking Musk Willow hydrosol without sweeteners causes blood sugar to drop. So, it is better to drink it with some sugar, honey, or rock candy.

Modifiers: Rose water and sugar

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