Mumio / Shilajit


Scientific Name of Shilajit: Humic substances
Scientific Name of Mumio: Bitumen judaicum
Synonyms of Mumio Scientific Name: Mumia vera, Mumia vera Egyptica, Pulvis mumiae, Asphaltum punjabinum, Bitumen mineral
English Name: Mumio / Shilajit
Other Names in English: Bitumen of the Dead Sea, Mumie, Mumijo, Moumion, Mumia factitia, Mumia sepulchrum, Mineral Pitch, Jews Pitch, Asphalt, Shilajit (Indian Name)



Persian Name: مومیایی/ Mumiaei
German Name: Mumijo, Shilajit
French Name: Mumio, Mumijo


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About Shilajit / Mumio

Bitumen is a special type of crude oil that appears as a black, viscous, and thick liquid. Bitumen is relatively soft and fluid when bubbling from the earth. But after a while, it becomes so hard and thick that it looks solid.

Due to different physical and chemical conditions, bitumen itself can appear in different ways. The most important types of bitumen are Zeft, Shilajit and Mumio. They are very similar to bitumen. But their concentration is much less.

The best Zeft is black, soft, smooth, and shiny. The best Shilajit is black and pure. The best Mumio is black, soft, smooth, and shiny, doesn’t smell bad and smells a bit like petroleum. It also softens quickly with hand heat.

Mumio and Shilajit Chemical Constituents

There are Naphthalene, Asphaltene, Phenols with high molecular weights, Carboxylic acid, and Saturated hydrocarbons in Mumio and Shilajit. Shilajit also contains Triterpene, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Phospholipid, Phenolic acid, iron, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.

Mumio and Shilajit Temperament

Hot and dry.

Mumijo and Shilajit Health Benefits

Shilajit removes the corruption of the humors and helps to eliminate shortness of breath, all types of hemorrhoids, semen flow, urine intermittency, polydipsia, jaundice, and leprosy.

Mumio penetrates into all parts of the body quickly, dissolves cold humors and substances, heals broken bones and dislocations of the joints quickly, hiccups, paralysis, tremors, stomachaches, uterine suffocation, hemoptysis, and bladder wounds. It cures leprosy (at the beginning), elephantiasis, relieves the heaviness of the tongue, scorpion stings and all cold diseases.

Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with fresh milk and some sugar is useful for removing pain and sores from the penis meatus and bladder. Eating 1 gram of it with ghee, once a week, helps to get rid of hemorrhoids and stomach pain. Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with a decoction of Thyme cures tremors. Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with “Sekanjebin” and Mint juice is useful for treating diphtheria.

Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with boiled water that lentils have cooked in, heals sore throat and swelling of throat. Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with Caraway decoction removes excess moisture from the stomach and helps to relieve nausea, suffocation, stomach weakness, phlegm bloating of the stomach and intestines.

Eating and rubbing a solution of 0.4 gram of Mumio with Damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) oil or two egg yolks is very useful for relieving joint pain, healing joint dislocations and bone fractures, muscle and nerve contusions, muscle cuts and bruises.

Eating 0.05 gram of Mumio with donkey milk stops hemoptysis and nosebleeds. Eating 0.2 gram of Mumio with fresh Coriander juice and poultice of 0.2 gram of Mumio with ghee heals spleen pain and scorpion stings.

Gargling the solution of 0.1 gram of Mumio with peeled Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) juice and Anacyclus pyrethrum root for three days in a row improves diphtheria. Rubbing Mumio and honey on the tongue and around the mouth helps to get rid of stuttering.

Drops of Mumio and Camphor solution and Marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) juice in the nose are useful for eliminating nosebleeds and nasal diseases. A drop of a solution of Mumio with Jasmine oil or Damask Rose oil in the ear will relieve ear pain.

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