Chemical Formula: CuAl6 (PO4)4 (OH)8.4H2O
English Name: Turquoise
Family: Hydrated Phosphate



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Famous Iranian Turquoise For Sale

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About Turquoise

It is a type of mineral that belongs to the group of phosphates and is considered as an ornamental stone.

The crystal structure of this stone is triclinic, and it often appears as a concentration of small, swollen, and spherical pieces or relatively large masses or in the shape of grape clusters, as well as cauliflower-like masses, or streaks among other stones. This mineral is more porous.

It is often turquoise blue or bluish green and sometimes sky blue. But its powder is white. This mineral is opaque and has a waxy luster.

The degree of hardness of it is 5 to 6 and its density is 2.6 to 2.8. This mineral does not have cleavage.

The best turquoise is coarse, pure and old.

Almost all turquoises are found in volcanic areas, and the best type of this gemstone is found near the surface of the earth. This stone must be completely dry to be strong. Turquoise of deeper mines are softened by the acid produced by groundwater particles.

Persian turquoise is one of the best turquoises in the world and turquoise mines in Iran are among the first mines of this stone.

This stone is called “the stone of power” that helps clear the mind.

Native Americans believed that this stone protects the person who rides the horse and protects it from the evil eye in general. It was called the stone of sky or heaven and they believed that this stone builds a spiritual bridge between the material and non-material worlds and gives its owner a powerful psychic ability.

How To Maintain

The color of this stone when purchased is soft and bright blue, but the color may change depending on the owner’s maintenance.

If this stone is in contact with fat and detergents, it will change its color to green, and after a while, its properties will be completely lost and it will die, so to speak.

But if the same stone is away from grease and detergents and is regularly in contact with water, its blue color will become more intense, and in one to three years, its value will be multiplied by the constant stabilization of its blue color.

Temperament: First degree of cold and third degree of dry

Chemical Constituent: In fact, turquoise is base phosphate and aqueous of copper and aluminum.

Health Benefits

It is used as an antidote to poisons and to strengthen the brain, heart and eyes.

Eating 1.2 gram of its powder is an antidote to poisons.

Eating 0.8 gram of its powder will cure a scorpion sting. Applying it to the eyes is a tonic for the eyes and removes excess moisture from the eyes, improves watery eyes, white spots, night blindness and eye swelling due to trauma.

Looking at this stone for a long time strengthens the eyes.

Eating the calcination of turquoise with honey removes kidney and bladder stones and cures epilepsy and splenomegaly. Eating turquoise with the right spices is a tonic for the heart and stomach and helps to relieve suffocation, diarrhea, all kinds of internal wounds and infectious wounds.

Harms: kidney

Dose: 1.2 gram

Modifiers: Tragacanth

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