Chemical Formula: Al2O3
English Name: Ruby
Other Names in English: Corundum
Family: Oxides and hydroxides group



Persian Name: یاقوت سرخ/ Yaghoot Sorkh
German Name: Rubin, Rubine, roter Edelstein
French Name: Rubis


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About Corundum 

Corundum is a very hard mineral that belongs to the group of oxides and is considered an ornamental stone. Corundum has many types, but two types are more famous: Ruby and Sapphire

The crystal structure of this stone is hexagonal and often appears as prismatic crystals with a hexagonal basal surface, fusiform crystals with a hexagonal cross-section, and plate-shaped crystals. In all these cases, the edges of the crystals are curved.

This stone is red. Its hardness is 9 on Mohs scale and it is the hardest mineral after diamond. It is not curved with any rasp except diamond. Its density is 3.9 to 4.1 and does not have cleavage. The best ruby is red, transparent, hard, completely pure, and large. This beautiful and expensive stone is not burnt by fire. It is resistant to light and chemicals.

One of the ways to identify the original Ruby is to pass ultraviolet light through it. Because the original one passes the ultraviolet rays, but its fake varieties do not have this property, also the presence of air bubbles and internal fractures is another way to distinguish natural rubies from artificial ones. It should be noted that all Corundum, both Ruby and Sapphire, are improved with heat and it makes their color more attractive. The best color of this stone is pure red with blue shades.

Corundum Temperament

It has a moderate nature in heat and is dry in the second degree.

Ruby Health Benefits

It is a purifier of blood and an antidote to poisons. Eating crushed Ruby dissolves congealed blood in the bowels, removes the effects of pestilential weather, preserves instinctive heat, and cures epilepsy, obsessions, suffocation, plague, and bleeding. Keeping it in the mouth is a thirst quencher, heart tonic and enlivening, and removes bad breath. Pouring its powder in the eyes strengthens the eyesight.

It is used to treat heart patients and people with blood cancer and it purifies and regulates the blood pressure. Hanging this stone on the neck prevents blood clotting in the body and prevents stroke. This stone also affects the treatment of sexual impotence, infertility and menstrual pains, and in addition, it also helps to make childbirth easier.

If someone carries a Ruby, he will not get dangerous and contagious viral diseases, especially the plague.

Ruby Side Effects

It is harmful to hot temperaments.

Ruby Dose

From 0.2 to 0.4 gram

Corundum Modifiers

Cold spice and herbs.

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