Bay Laurel Berries


Scientific Names: Laurus nobilis L.
Synonyms: Laurus angusta Raf., Laurus tenuifolia Mill., Laurus undulata Mill., Laurus vulgaris Duhamel
English Name: Bay Laurel Berries
Other Names in English: Bay Laurel, Grecian Laurel, Sweet Bay, Bay-leaf Laurel, Laurel
Family: Lauraceae



Persian Name: حب الغار/ Habbol Ghar
German Name: Lorbeer Früchte
French Name: Laurier cerise


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About Laurus Nobilis

Laurus Nobilis is an evergreen tree that has a very long life and its height reaches eight meters. The leaves of this tree are oval, slightly pointed, dark green and a little softer than the leaves of the Salix Alba tree. Its leaves are aromatic and bitter. The flowers are yellow and very small and grow in clusters. Each flower of this tree has four tender and oval petals.

The fruits of this tree are oval and black, and each one is almost the size of a grape. These fruits have a very thin skin and a bilobed kernel. They are fragrant, oily and almost cream color. But if it gets old, it turns red.

Laurel Berry Temperament

Third degree of hot and dry

Laurel Berry Health Benefits

Eating Bay Laurel berries is beneficial for liver and spleen diseases, stomach ache and colic. Eating 9 grams of it is laxative and relieves heartburn.

Eating this fruit with honey is useful for intestinal ulcers. Sniffing the powder of it, is useful for temples pain and Parkinson.

The poultice which is made by this fruit with soft barley flour is useful for heart palpitations and warm swellings.

Dripping its fruit oil along with Damask Rose oil and vinegar strengthens the ear and is useful for cold earaches, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Inunction with Bay Laurel berries oil helps to treat nerve pain, fatigue, and vascular blockage.

Laurus Nobilis Berry Dose

Up to 2.5 grams

Sweet Bay Berry Side Effects

Laurus Nobilis berries are harmful to the chest and it is nauseating. This fruit and its oil loosen the stomach and are harmful for pregnant women.

Laurus Nobilis Berry Modifiers

Tragacanth for the chest.

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