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Scientific Name: Fumaria officinalis L.
Synonym: Fumaria angustifolia Gilib.
English Name: Fumitory
Other Names in English: Common Fumitory, Wax-Dolls
Family: Papaveraceae

Plant Parts: Root, Stem, Leaves, Flowers, Seed, and Hydrosol
Cultivation mode: Wild collection/Cultivated


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About Fumitory

It is a herbaceous and one-year plant whose height reaches eighty centimeters. The stems of this plant are relatively thick and reddish green, and their cross section is polygonal. The leaves are small and have many cuts similar to parsley leaves. with the difference that the cuts on the leaves of Fumitory are deeper. These leaves have a bitter and slightly spicy taste.

Its flowers are elongated, tabular, and pink and grow in clusters at the end of flowering stems. The tips of these flowers are bright red. After these flowers dry, the fruits grow in the same place. The fruits are green, small, almost spherical, and drop-shaped. The best Fumitory is completely green, bitter, and slightly spicy.

Temperament: Moderate and second degree of dry

Chemical Constituent: Pentatriacontane, glucose, tannin, fumaric acid

Health Benefits

It is an opener for liver and spleen blockages, a liver tonic, a black bile laxative and diuretic. Dried Fumitory is stronger than fresh one to strengthen the stomach. Its hydrosol is a blood purifier, liver tonic, stomach tonic, and diaphoretic.

It removes burnt black bile and yellow bile from the urinary tract. Dried Fumitory make the root of the tooth stronger and expels phlegm and cures old fevers and black bile diseases. Eating it with vinegar or water and honey enemas the wastes of the stomach and intestines and is beneficial for bilious vomiting and phlegm nausea. Drinking juice of its fresh leaves with sugar or Indian tamarind enemas the stomach and intestine and expels burnt humors and black bile. It also helps to improve jaundice, dandruff caused by yellow bile burnt blood, or phlegm, and scabies.

Keeping the extract of this herb in the mouth strengthens the gums, suppresses the heat of the mouth and is useful for healing wounds inside the mouth and tongue. Dropping the extract of it in the eyes strengthens eye sights and improves epiphora.

Its fresh poultice is useful for bee stings. If you knead dry Fumitory and henna with its fresh juice, its poultice on the skin in the bathroom is effective for removing scabies and itching. The poultice of its extract with gum Arabic prevents hair from regrowing.

Washing the head and beard with soaked water or boiled water of this herb is useful to get rid of lice, fleas, and dandruff.

Its hydrosol relieves itchy skin and diarrhea.

Dose: 6 to 12 grams from the herb. 100 to 200 grams from its juice. But if it is used along with soaked water of yellow myrobalan and sugar it can be used up to 12 to 24 grams. 12 grams of its seeds.

Harms: Lungs

Modifiers: Chicory and yellow myrobalan. The juice of Fumitory leaves should be used without being strained.

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95 / 100

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