Stachys Lavandulifolia

Scientific Name: Stachys Lavandulifolia Vahl.
English Name: Mountain Tea
Other Names in English:
Family: Lamiaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Hot and dry.
1- This herb heals cold spasm.
2- It is very effective in treating urinary tract kidney stones.
3- Its decoction is also used for most moisture diseases, especially rheumatic diseases and joint pain.
4- It has sedative effect for the nervous system.
5- Using this herb eliminates mental fatigue.
6- It’s an energy producer and bracing herb, that’s why it can be used to relieve fatigue and boredom in depressed people.
7- Mountain tea increases appetite.
8- This plant is effective in treating and improving colds.
9- It opens the hoarseness of the voice and is expectorant.
10- Drinking mountain tea is useful for anemia.
11- Mountain tea cures bloody diarrhea.
12- Mountain tea kills viruses and strengthens the immune system.
13- Mountain tea has an effective role in treating some diseases such as paralysis, meningitis, tetanus and pertussis.
14- Repellent of concentrated phlegm humors that has accumulated in the lungs or uterus or intestines.
15- It also increases sexual power.
16- If you are suspected to cerebral hemorrhage or there is a possibility of cerebral hemorrhage, certainly use this medicine.
17- There is a red substance in the middle of the leaves of this herb, which is used to eliminate burns. For many years, mountain tea has been used as a very useful medicine for healing wounds.
18- New research shows that mountain tea can kill viruses and even affect the AIDS virus. AIDS patients have been consuming this plant for a while, which strengthens their immune system and reduces disease.
1- Eating Betony has many considerations and it must be consumed under the supervision of a doctor, because its improper consumption will have harmful effects on hot temperament and pregnant women.
2- Pregnant women: because Betony kills the fetus, pregnant women are not allowed to eat it, and even if they give boiled incense of this herb under the uterus, it will cause abortion.
3- People who are taking birth control pills, asthma, colds and allergies.
4- Excessive use of Betony is harmful for hot-temperament people and causes bloody urine.


Betony is a plant of the genus Clusiaceae that grows in large quantities in the United States and Europe and is usually found wildly among wheat and corn fields.
The flowers of Betony are white or yellow, which are clustered at the top of the stem. These flowers are slightly fragrant and have a special smell. The fruit of Betony is in the form of capsules.
It is interesting to know that Betony oil has been the only medicine to heal the wounds in the UK for three centuries.
Mountain tea is widely grown in Iran in the foothills of Alborz, Karaj, Chalous and Mazandaran and in the western parts of Iran.

Chemical Constituents

The main components are germacrene-D (13.2%), β-phellandrene (12.7%), β-pinene (10.2%), myrcene (9.4%), α-pinene (8.4%) and Z-β-ocimene (5.8%).

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