Datura Seeds


Scientific Name:
1- Datura stramonium L.
2- Datura metel L.
1- Datura tatula L.
2- Datura alba Rumph. ex Nees, Datura fastuosa L.
English Names:
1- Common Thorn Apple, Jimsonweed
2- Devil’s Trumpet, Metel
Family: Solanaceae


Plant Parts: Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds, and Seed oil
Cultivation Mode: Wild collection/Cultivated
In Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical


Persian Name: تاتوره علفی، تاتوره درختی/ Tatureh Alafi, Tatureh Derakhti
German Name: Stechapfel samen, Weißer Stechapfel samen | Indischer Stechapfel samen
French Name: Stramoine graines, Graines de Stramoine commune | graines de Métel, graine de herbe diable, graines d’herbe du diable


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About Datura Stramonium

It is an herbaceous and annual plant that is very poisonous. Its height is about one meter or a little less. Its stem is cylindrical, its leaves are uneven, wide, 10-15 cm long and 7-8 cm wide, in the shape of a pointed triangle, and there are irregular cuts and fractures around the leaf. Its flowers are large and single, horn-shaped, whiteو or purple, which appear in late spring. Because of its beautiful and large flowers, it is considered an ornamental plant and is planted in gardens. Its fruit is egg-shaped, prickly on the outside and divided into 4 chambers inside, and there are about 400 seeds in these four chambers.

About Datura metel

It is a shrub with large flowers, larger than the Datura stramonium. Its leaves are ovate, smooth, hairless, some are whole and some are deeply toothed. Its flowers are horn-shaped, hanging, purple, and its fruit capsule is uneven and its surface is covered with thorns. The best Datura seeds are fresh and large.

Temperament: Fourth degree of cold and dry.

Chemical Constituent of Datura stramonium: Alkaloids such as atropine, scopolamine, hyoscine, and hyoscyamine. Daturic acid.

Chemical Constituent of Datura Metel: Alkaloids such as atropine, scopolamine, hyoscine, and hyoscyamine. Allantoin and vitamin C.

Health Benefits

Datura stramonium: In India, its leaves and seeds are used as painkillers, disinfectants, and narcotics.

There is not much difference between Datura stramonium and Datura metel in terms of medicinal properties in Far East regions including China and its neighboring regions. Datura metel contains more hyoscine and Datura stramonium contains more atropine.

Atropine also opens the pupil of the eye and at the same time reduces the secretion of saliva and also loosen the muscles of the bladder and thus controls the excretion of urine.

This plant is used in China to relieve bloating, excessive secretion of stomach acid, liver pain, menstruation pains, and to stop night sweating. This is also prescribed to calm whooping cough attacks as well as asthma relief.

Datura seeds are strong narcotics and pain relievers. Datura seeds are also antiseptic and useful for healing wounds.

Datura flower extract is useful for ear pain. Datura seed and fruit extracts, if applied to the hairy parts of the head that are affected by dandruff, are useful for removing dandruff and preventing hair loss, relieve chronic headaches which are caused by yellow bile or blood humors. They are strongly soporific.

Poultice of its leaves and fruit or rubbing its seed oil is useful for relieving hemorrhoid pain and anal pain. Rubbing its decoction with vinegar is useful for dissolving swellings and polydipsia and stops sweating.

Placing its smashed leaves on conjunctivitis relieves the swelling and eye pain, and if crushed leaves are placed on any other swelling, it will be relieved. It is also useful for healing wounds.

Its poultice is useful for healing cancerous wounds, burns, and painful hemorrhoids.

Datura metel: All parts of this plant are poisonous. This is a famous plant that criminals used to kill people with it in the Far East.

In Burma, thieves made a drug from Datura seeds, mixed with curry powder and sweets, to make a drug that did not kill a person, but it made their body numb and lassitude for a few days.

The alkaloid hyoscine, which is present in Datura seeds and leaves, causes the pupil of the eye to open and dilate, and if a large amount is eaten, it causes delirium, coma and eventually death.

If its leaves are dried and pounded and smoked like tobacco, it is very effective for relieving asthma, and in any case, if the use of the medicine causes poisoning either internally in a very small amount or smoking, it should be stopped immediately.

In China, the burst flowers of Datura tree are collected in the morning as soon as the morning dew dries, and dried in the sun or with low heat. This medicine is pungent, poisonous, hot, anesthetic, anti-asthmatic, and anti-cough.

In external use, decoction of flower pollen is beneficial for all kinds of skin diseases. If the flower pollen is smoked, it is useful to relieve cough and shortness of breath.

A narcotic and anesthetic drink is obtained from the mixture of Datura seeds and hemp plant in equal proportions in diluted vinegar. This substance makes the simple surgeries painless.

The leaves of the plant are used in many cases as a pain reliever and swelling draining.

In cases where the leaves of the Datura tree are used as a pain reliever, if due to a little carelessness or hurry, they consume more than the permissible dose and get poisoned, the core of licorice root can be used to cure the poisoning. It is an effective antidote for this type of poisoning.

The symptoms of getting poisoned with Datura seeds are muscle cramps, coma, delirium, and paralysis of the central pulmonary system.

Dose: Datura seeds up to 0.4 gram

Harms: It causes madness. Its seeds and fruit peel are intoxicating and poisonous.

Eating more than 0.4 grams of Datura seeds or flowers will cause drunkenness, lethargy, and delirium. The eyes become red and the whole person behaves like a madman. Most of the side effects of Datura are similar to opium.

Modifiers: Black pepper and fennel for madness.

If someone gets poisoned by eating Datura, you should continuously feed him/her with fresh butter and warm oil until they vomit continuously. Then put their hands and feet in warm water, massage his body with warm oils and feed them fatty foods.

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