Lapis Judaicus


Scientific Name: Lapis Judaicus
English Name: Jews’ Stone
Other Names in English: Sange Yahood, Hajrul Yahood
Family: Fossil Encrinite



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About Lapis Judaicus

Lapis Judaicus is a type of Fossil Encrinite stone found in sedimentary rocks.

All the constituent particles of this stone, or most part of it, are made up of certain parts of the body of living organisms from the Crinoidea family, for this reason, the main origin of the stone is organic compounds.

This stone appears as relatively small pieces, drop-shaped, conical, slightly elongated, pointed, brittle and fragile.

The outer surface of this stone is almost white. But inside it has a grayish color. Longitudinal and parallel lines can be seen on the outer surface of this stone.

This stone is completely opaque and has an earthy appearance and is easily rubbed in water.

Temperament: First degree of hot and second degree of dry

Chemical Constituent: Lime and silicate

Health Benefits

Lapis Judaicus prevents the production of kidney and bladder stones and melts frozen blood in the bladder.

Eating 1.7 gram of crushed Lapis Judaicus with 170 gram of warm water and 3.4 gram of bitter almond oil is a diuretic, stone breaker, melts the frozen blood in the bladder, and it is effective for dysuria.

Harms: It is harmful for the liver and stomach and eating it reduces appetite.

Dose: Its calcination up to 1.15 gram

Modifiers: Gum Arabic and Tragacanth.

It is better to use the calcination of this stone along with Alhagi maurorum hydrosol.

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