Scientific Name:
1- Eryngium planum L.
2- Eryngium maritimum L.
1- Eryngium intermedium Weinm.
2- Eryngium marinum Garsault
English Name:
1- Blue Eryngo
2- Sea-holly
Other Names in English:
1- Eryngo
2- Seaside Eryngo, Maritime eryngo, Seaside coyote-thistle
Family: Apiaceae



Persian Name: زول، بوقناق/ Zool, Boughnagh
German Name: Flachblatt Mannstreu, Flachblättriger Mannstreu
French Name: Panicaut plane


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About Eryngium

Eryngium is a perennial plant that reaches one meter in height. This plant usually has only one straight stem, relatively thick and very pale green, whose cross-section is circular. Its leaves are large and blade-shaped, they grow in the lowest part of the plant and are almost spread on the ground. These leaves have very deep cuts that divide the leaves into several parts. The edge of each part of the leaves is toothed and stiletto. Its veins are also white and clearly defined. The leaves of this plant are slightly fragrant.

The flowers are a collection of very small, yellow-green flowers that grow in a spherical shape. These flowers grow between six narrow, elongated, and sharp-pointed leaves, which are white and stipitate on the sides of the leaves. The stem, leaves, and flowers of some species of this plant are blue. At the end of each small flower, there is a small reservoir containing seeds. Its seeds are small, white, fluffy, pyramidal and have a square base surface. At the end of each seed, there are usually five yellowish-brown pointed appendages.

Its root is light brown, conical, elongated, relatively thick and slightly hard. It has a pleasant aroma similar to parsnips, and a relatively bitter, slightly spicy and sweet taste.

Eryngo Temperament

First degree of hot and dry.

Eryngo Health Benefits

Enhance sexual power. Digestive, erectile and has anti-toxic properties. The extract of the root is emmenagogue.

Eryngo root is absorbed very quickly in the body and produces fine humors. Eating 2.5 grams of its root with 2.5 grams Parsnip seeds increases sperm and is emmenagogue.

Drinking 100 grams of Eryngo root decoction cures side and chest pain.

Drinking its root decoction with sugar is diuretic, emmenagogue, increases breast milk, diaphoretic, eliminate stones, expels the burnt and rotten humors from the body, and it is used to relieve the pain of swellings, skin spots, wounds, flatulence, and cramps is useful.

Eating its fresh root jam is sexual tonic and erector.

Eating fresh and cooked leaves of Eryngo removes diluted phlegm from the stomach and intestines, and is a good blood-generator.

The poultice of fresh leaves with barley flour and juice of fresh Chicory leaves removes swellings, elephantiasis, and moist wounds of the leg.

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