Melissa Officinalis

Scientific Name: Melissa Officinalis L.
Synonyms: M.Cordifolia Pers. ,M.Romana Mill, M.Graveolens Host.
English Name: Lemon Balm
Other Names in English: Balm
Family: Labiatae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Hot and dry
1- Boil 20 to 50 grams of it in one liter of water, then brew for 10 minutes, then strain and sweeten and drink 3 to 4 cups a day. Repels toxins, strengthens the heart and brain, senses, preservation, intelligence, stomach and liver. Will be effective in treating insomnia, is invigorating, reduces pain in the brain and inside the skull, nightmare, relieves nervous fears and panics.
2- Drinking its syrup cures cold suffocation.
3- Tasting of dried Lemon Balm is useful to prevent tooth decay and chewing of its fresh leaves in the mouth removes the smell of wine and bad breath.


It is a herbaceous, wild and perennial herb of the mint genus. Leaves larger than mint leaves and almost round with a smell similar to the smell of Cloves. It has many branches that grow from the roots. Its flowers are white and its roots remain in the ground and grow like mint every year. This plant is mostly found in the northern and eastern regions of Iran.

Chemical Constituents

The whole plant yields a volatile oil, flavonoids, and triterpenes. The volatile oil is about 0.1%, consisting of more than 50 compounds of which the major ones, citronellal, b-caryophyllene, neral, geranial, citronellol and geraniol amount to 70%. Also present in the leaves are caffeic, rosemarinic and ferulic acids.

Medical disclaimer

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