Dorema Ammoniacum

Scientific Name:
1- Ferula ammoniacum (D.Don) Spalik, M.Panahi, Piwczyñski & Puchalka
2- Ferula downieorum Spalik, M.Panahi, Piwczyñski & Puchalka
1- Dorema ammoniacum D.Don
2- Dorema aureum Stocks
English Name: Gum Ammoniac
Other Names in English: Dorema
Family: Apiaceae

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About Dorema Ammoniacum

It’s an oil resin gum is derived from plants of the Umbelliferae family. It is a perennial plant and in the form of a shrub, its stem is thin and covered with fine light yellow hair, which gives the plant a cotton color.

Dorema Ammoniacum’s flowers are reddish-bluish. This plant grows in Iran and India.

To get the gum, the stems of the plant are cut with a razor, and the gum comes out, which hardens in the presence of air.

Dorema gum is marketed as a clear mass on which cracks and bright yellow lines can be seen.

The color of the good and clean type is white.

Its taste is bitter and it has a special smell, and if it is mixed with water, a milky liquid is made, which tastes bitter.

Chemical Constituents

Nitrogen containing compounds including amines (73.5 %), alkaloids (17.2 %) and amides (9.3 %), terpenoieds consists of monoterpens (82.88 %), sesquiterpens (12.97 %) and diterpens (4.14 %), hydrocarbons involving aliphatic hydrocarbons (88.66 %), aromatic hydrocarbons (7.5 %), cyclic hydrocarbons (3.83 %), alcohols (2.76 %), ketones (3.95 %) and miscellaneous coumpounds (2.22 %).

Temperament: Hot and dry.

Health Benefits

1- If Dorema Ammoniacum is eaten proportional to age, 1 to 10 grams, it is chest emollient, stimulant, disinfectant and anticonvulsant. It is useful for facilitating the excretion of humors, especially in moist asthma which cause excessive excretion of humors of the body. It is useful for treating colds, catarrh, asthma and chronic bronchitis, opens clogs and blockages of the liver, spleen and arteries aperture, and is prescribed for people with enlarged liver and spleen.

2- If you eat it with honey, it is useful for treating epilepsy, paralysis and limbs paresthesia, and convulsions which is caused by moist. It is useful for purifying the chest from sticky moisture, relieving the difficulty of urinating, relieving the pelvic pain, and sciatica and joint pains.

3- Soak 2 to 5 grams of Dorema Ammoniacum gum in warm water and eat it. It is useful for relieving flank pain, back pain, analysis of flatulence, crushing bladder stones and killing intestinal worms.

4- Mix it in vinegar and eat. It is effective in relieving inflammation of the liver and spleen, relieving ascites and hardening of the testicles.

5- Mix 5 grams of it with non-alcoholic beer and make it into a paste and eat it. It is useful for treating shortness of breath and relieving difficulty breathing.

6- Dissolve it in hot water and gargle it. It is useful for relieving cold convulsions and cold and moisten brain illnesses such as dizziness, lethargy, parkinson and black bile and phlegm suffocation.

7- Knead it with vinegar and poultice. It is useful for removing excess hair in the eyelid and removing blurred vision.

Harms: It is harmful to the kidneys, extravagance in eating it is harmful and may disturb the balance of blood flow and cause blood in the urine; therefore, its consumption should be in moderation and should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

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