St Johns Wort


Scientific Name: Hypericum perforatum L.
Synonyms: Hypericum assurgens Peterm., Hypericum vulgare Lam.
English Name: St Johns Wort
Other Names in English: Common St. Johnswort, Goatweed, Klamath Weed, Perforate St. John’S Wort, Racecourseweed.
Family: Hypericaceae


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Is used in the dyeing industry to dye silk and wool
  • Used as a skin rejuvenator and anti-inflammatory and irritant in the cosmetics industry
  • Extracts of this plant are used as skin protectors in a wide range of cosmetic products, especially for the protection of oily skin, and it is used in the preparation of shampoos, cleansing gels, face and hair lotions, skin creams, washing foams and hair conditioners. From the active ingredients of St. John’s Wort medicine are made in the form of sprays that improve severe skin burns. Also, the active ingredients of this herb are used in repairing dry skin, preparing baby oils and also preparing anti-wrinkle lotions.
    In food: Tea.


Persian Name: گل راعی، هوفاریقون/ Gole Raei, Hoofarighoon
German Name: Johanniskraut, Tüpfel Hartheu
French Name: Herbe de la Saint-Jean, Millepertuis


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About Hypericum Perforatum

It is a plant of the Hypericaceae family, perennial and herbaceous with opposite oval leaves and slightly elongated. Its white or yellow flowers appear singly on the stem at the top of the stem in clusters as an umbrella on top of the plant in May to October. The flowers are slightly fragrant and smell like cottonwood gum.

The fruit is in the form of a capsule in which the seeds are placed. This plant is usually grown in most parts of the world in bare lands and light and wooded parts of forests and in ruins. In Iran, it is found in the slopes of Alborz, North, West Azerbaijan, Khorasan, West of Iran, Gorgan and other regions.

St Johns Wort Temperament

Very hot and dry.

St Johns Wort Health Benefits


  1. Brew 10 to 40 grams of its leaves and flowering branches in a liter of boiling water and drink the strained tea every morning, noon and night. It is astringent, diuretic, emmenagogue and anti-worm of the stomach and intestines, it is useful for treating migraines, nervous headaches, delayed menstruation of young women, moist asthma, epilepsy, hysteria and calming the nerves.
  2. If you drink a little of Goatweed leaf extract every day for forty days, it is useful for relieving pain in the gluteal muscles, treating sciatica and gout.
  3. Its poultice is useful for cleaning and healing wounds, severe injuries and fire burns.
  4. If the pulverized powder is sprayed, St Johns Wort leaf is very effective for cleaning the stinking wound.
  5. Rubbing its fresh leaf juice is useful for healing wounds, burns and scratches.


Drink a cup of its brewed tea after each meal. It is a desiccant, it relieves cramps, it breaks down humors and viscosities, it is anti-depressant, it is useful for tetanus. St. John’s Wort is effective for treating AIDS, it is useful for opening stomach and liver cramps and increasing urine secretion, is yellow bile laxative and emmenagogue, is useful for relieving lack of appetite, simple diarrhea, liver and kidney colic, jaundice, kidney stones and anemia in young girls and strengthens the body’s immune system.

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