Bay Leaf

Scientific Names: Laurus Nobilis L.
English Name: Bay Leaf
Other Names in English: Sweet Bay tree, Laurel, true Laurel
Family: Lauraceae

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Laurus Nobilis leaf for export
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About Bay Tree

Bay tree is an evergreen tree that has a very long life and its height reaches eight meters. The leaves of this tree are oval, slightly pointed, dark green and a little softer than the leaves of the Salix Alba tree and they are aromatic and bitter.

The flowers are yellow and very small and grow in clusters. Each flower has four tender and oval petals.

The fruits of this tree are oval and black, and each one is almost the size of a grape. These fruits have a very thin skin and a bilobed kernel. They are fragrant, oily and almost cream color. But if it gets old, it turns red.

Temperament: Second degree of hot and dry

Health Benefits

Drinking a decoction of its leaves improves bladder and uterus diseases. Drinking this decoction with honey is useful for cold diseases. If you mix this decoction with Sekanjebin helps to treat hot diseases.

Keeping its leaves decoction in the mouth is useful for toothache.

Sitting in a bowl full of Laurus Nobilis leaves decoction improves kidney, bladder and uterus diseases.

Dose: Up to 2.5 grams

Harms: The leaves are harmful for the chest.

Modifiers: Tragacanth for the chest.



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