Nux Vomica


Scientific Name: Strychnos nux-vomica L.
Synonym: Strychnos colubrina A. DC.
English Name: Nux Vomica
Other Names in English: Strychnine tree, Kuchla
Family: Loganiaceae


Plant Parts: Fruit kernel (seed), root
Cultivation mode: Wild collection


Persian Name: کَچوله/ Kachooleh
German Name: Gewöhnliche Brechnuss Samen
French Name: Noix vomique, graines de Vomiquier, Kuchala


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About Strychnos Nux-Vomica

Kuchla is the fruit kernel of an evergreen tree that reaches eight meters in height. The leaves of this tree are relatively broad, oval-shaped, pointed, shiny, and slightly wavy, and they grow reciprocally. There are three distinct veins on these leaves. Its flowers are very small, elongated, narrow, tubular, green, and yellowish and grow in clusters. Each flower has five long pointed petals.

The fruits are spherical and almost the size of a small orange. These fruits are green at first, but after fully ripening, they turn orange and sometimes red. The peel of this fruit is thin and there are many small black spots on its surface. Inside each fruit, there is a white and slimy substance, and in this substance, several large, wide, circular, pale brown kernels can be seen. The shell of these kernels is very hard and the kernel taste is very bitter. This tree has a very strong root, the taste of its root cortex is very bitter.

Nux Vomica Temperament

Third degree of hot and third degree of dry

Nux Vomica Chemical Constituent

Alkaloids such as strychnine, brucine, α-colubrine, β- colubrine, pseudostrychnine, glucoside loganin, loganoside, chlorogenic acid, mannan, galactan, struxin and copper.

Nux Vomica Health Benefits

Kuchla transforms a very cold and bad and corrupted temperament into a warm and good one and is useful for treating paralysis, mental illnesses, back and joint pain. Its poultice improves melasma, scabies, psoriasis, sciatica, joint diseases, cold diseases, and skin spots.

Heals small wounds and stomach fever.

In Mongolia, it is used to kill parasites. In China, it is prescribed to treat fever and throat discomfort, swelling of the spine vertebras, eye diseases, typhoid fever, and headache.

Its powdered is used externally as an ointment to heal wounds and relieve skin ailments.

In some cases, it is used for abortion. It is used to treat neurasthenia or a mental disease characterized by abnormal fatigue and is also prescribed for sexual enhancement.

In Taiwan, it is used as a stomach tonic. In India and China, a very small amount of its brewed tea is used internally to treat epilepsy.

Nux Vomica Dose

0.4 to 0.8 gram

Nux Vomica Side Effects

These seeds are very poisonous.

A short time after digesting its poison, the person feels dizzy and cannot walk easily, and a little later, mild pain and lack of control appear in the muscles of the neck and back, and the person feels a tightness in the throat.

Abdominal and chest muscles are not flexible as in the normal state and immobility is felt in them. These discomforts gradually intensify and little by little the patient feels an involuntary shaking that is not painful and after a short period of time it resolves and reappears again.

This on and off continues. But each time it get worse and finally it becomes severe and convulsions occur in the heart, and disturbances in the pulse and heart lead to weakness and numbness and death.

It doesn’t have very effective antidote. In such cases, while you should immediately seek medical attention, you should try to make the patient vomit.

Kuchla leads to wackiness and distress of the mind. Eating 3.4 grams of it causes death.

Nux Vomica Modifiers

Sugar. If someone gets poisoned by eating the Kuchla, he/she should eat enough freshly milked milk, sweet almond oil, and glazed stuff until he/she vomits.

It should not be used without caution and can only be used in very necessary situations.

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