Ash Leaf


Scientific Names: Fraxinus excelsior L.
Synonym: Fraxinus striata Dum.Cours.
English Name: Ash Leaf
Other names in English: Ash, Black ash, Common Ash, European Ash Leaf
Family: Oleaceae

Persian Name: زبان گنجشک/ Zaban Gonjeshk
German Name: Esche, Gewöhnliche Esche
French Name: Frêne, Frêne commun, Frêne d’Europe

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About Fraxinus excelsior

Ash is the fruit of a tree whose height reaches 9 meters. This tree has many species.

A kind of manna is secreted from the trunk of this tree due to the bite of an insect called Cicada Orni. This manna is pale yellowish white and has a rather unpleasant smell. Its taste is sweet at first, but after a short time, it becomes spicy and bitter.

The leaves of this tree are slightly elongated, almond-shaped, sometimes rhomboid-shaped and have tips, and they grow crosswise without petioles. The side of the leaves is saw-shaped.

The flowers of this tree are reddish-brown, very small and without petals and grow in clusters before the leaves. Some types of this tree have many white flowers.

Its fruits are elongated, very thin, drop-shaped and sometimes oval-shaped and grow in bunches. These fruits are green at first. But after fully ripening, they turn brown. In the middle of each fruit there is an elongated, oval, pointed, brown seed, very similar to a sparrow’s tongue. The seeds of some species of this tree are bitter and some are sweet.

Temperament: At the end of second degree of hot and dry.

Chemical Constituents

Carotol, α-cadinol, δ-cadinene, bicyclogermacrene, α-muurolol, and E-caryophyllene are the main components.

Health Benefits

The seed of Ash tree is diuretic, stone breaker, reproductive organ tonic, and sexual power tonic.

Its mana properties are similar to Purgative Manna, but stronger.

Eating its seeds relieve side pain, pelvis pain, back pain, uterus pain, palpitation, shortness of breath, chronic cough, and cramps.

The poultice of Ash Leaf causes enema of pus and heals wet wounds.

Its tree bark poultice with vinegar is useful for muscle spasm.

Dose: To strengthen sexual power alone use Ash Leaf up to 7 grams and with other herbs up to 5 grams.

Harms: Ash Leaf causes headache in hot temperaments.

Modifiers: Coriander


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