Acacia Senegal

1. Scientific Name: Acacia Senegal Willd.
Synonyms: Acacia Rupestris Stocks., Acacia Verek Guill. Et Perr., Acacia Trispinosa Stocks
English Name: Gum Arabic
Other Names in English:
2. Scientific Name: Acacia Arabica (Lam.) Willd.
Synonyms: Mimosa Arabica Lam.
English Name: Gum Arabic
Other Names in English: Egyptian Thorn, Bablah
3. Scientific Name: Acacia Seyal Del.
English Name: Thirsty Thorn
Other Names in English: Shittim Thorn, Shittah Tree
4. Scientific Name: Acacia Modesta Wall.
English Name:
Other Names in English:
Family: Leguminosae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Its temperament is moderate and dry at the same time, but only Galen mentions it as hot and dry.
1- Mix 10 to 15 grams of it with warm water and eat. It is a breast emollient, laxative and beautifies the complexion, it is useful for relieving diarrhea, inflammation and intestinal discomfort, and it strengthens the stomach and intestines.
2- If you fry it with rose oil and eat it or pulverize 5 grams of it softly with 30 grams of fresh beef tallow and eat it and continue this for 3 to 7 days, it’s useful for breast bleeding, lung and other organs are useful (except for zinc from the uterus and hemorrhoids).
3- If you put it in the mouth and swallow the water little by little, it will prevent spills of phlegm into the chest, it will relieve the severity of hot-temperament medicines, to relieve cough and chest pain, lung wounds and scratches, sore throat, trachea obstruction and clearing the voice are beneficial.
4- Mix smashed Gum Arabic with egg white and poultice it on the skin part which has burnt with fire or the fissure of the nipple, it is healing.
5- If you mix 5g of pulverized Gum Arabic with carrot juice every day and rub it on the face and wash your face with warm water after 15 minutes, it will remove the wrinkles on the face.
6- Mix its powder with kohl and make it a suppository and put it in the uterus at night. It will treats excessive menstruation.
Note: Harmful to bladder and hemorrhoids.
Modifier: Tragacanth.


It is a gum that emanates from the branches of the Acacia shrub, especially the Acacia Senegal, due to insect bites, or when the branches are hit by the wind or scratch them so that the scratches are superficial. In terms of color, it varies depending on what kind of acacia it is taken from, when and how it is taken, but the darker the color and the browner it is, the worse it is and the better the white or yellowish white type. Its parts are in the form of teardrops or small pieces and if it is broken, its cross section is shiny and streaked with white lines and it dissolves completely in water and creates a sticky lotion.

Chemical Constituents

Minerals, Arabinogalactan, two types of sugars called Arabinose and Galactose, Water, Tannin, Tanoside, Several Diastases called Oxidase and Peroxidase – Amylase and Emulsion.

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