Temperament of Different Ages

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Age temperament

In addition to the congenital temperament, we also have the temperament of age, which means that people’s body takes different states at different ages. These states are divided into four periods of time:

Childeren temperament

1. Growth and development stage:

The growth stage is from birth to 15 years old. During this period, the growth of the body reaches perfection and the heat and moist dominate on the body. In fact, during this period, the temperament is hot and moist, and this does not mean that, for example, a person who is twenty years old has a warm and moist congenital temperament. But it means that this age has more heat and moisture than the ages before and after it, although this person may have a cold temperament, like phlegmatic people.


2. Youth stage:

From the beginning of 15 years old to 30 or finally 40 years old is called youth stage, which means that a state of stagnation occurs on the body, and growth and development have decreased compared to the first stage. This stage is the period of prevailing heat and dryness, which means that heat and dryness increase in the body.

Youth temperament


Adult temperament

3. Adulthood or old age stage:

which starts from the age of 40 to the age of 60, during this period, growth and development are completely stopped, and the body slowly declines and the physical strength gradually decreases. But the strength is not completely weakened. This stage is cold and dry. Although there is a difference of opinion among the Tabibs (old traditional Persian doctors) in this regard that this period is cold and dry or cold and moist.


4. Degeneration or senility stage:

which is from the age of 60 until the end of life. This stage is the period of obvious and severe weakness. In this period coldness and moisture prevails strongly. The important point here is that the temperament of age in all people is not as stated. People themselves realize that when they reach the age of 30-33, a sharp drop occurs in their body, even their mental and physical states, for example, the digestion of food changes, the ability to gambol decreases, and forgetfulness may occur.

Elderly temperament

Important point: The difference in moisture and dryness of these stages is not important, but the coldness and heat are important. In fact, what matters is that body heat starts to decrease from 40 and a person feels serious changes in his body. Anyhow, we should be able to distinguish between the congenital temperament and the age temperament.

If a person has a hot congenital temperament and also he is in hot age temperament, an unfavorable situation will be occurred for him/her. That’s why hot temperament people usually have more difficulties in first 30 years of their life, both mentally and physically. For example, people with choleric or sanguine temperaments are bad-tempered up to 20 to 30 years old and have stomach problems and skin rashes.

Intellectual development and growth are after their hot temperament ages, in other words, after 30-40 years old, they start to develop intellectually and flourish, while before that age they are in a depressed state. Cold temperaments are the opposite, in the beginning of their life, because their age temperament is warm and their congenital temperament is cold, they flourish better, and as soon as they reach the age of 40, they find a sharp drop in their states, both physically and intellectually.

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