Dried Sour Cherries


Scientific Names:
Prunus cerasus L.
Cerasus acida subsp. plena M.Roem.
English Name:
Dried Sour Cherries
Other names in English:
Dwarf Cherry, Morello Cherry, Pie Cherry, Tart Cherry, Amarelle Cherry
Family: Rosaceae

Persian Name: آلبالو، آلوبالو، قراصیا/ Albalou, Aloubalou, Gharasya
German Name: Sauer-Kirsche, Sauerkirsche, Sauerkirschenbaum, Strauchige Sauer-Kirsche, Weichsel, Weichselkirsche
French Name: Cerisier acide, Cerisier aigre, Griottier, Griottier acide, Cerisier commun, Cerisier à cerises acides, griottier


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About Sour Cherries

The leaves of the sour cherry tree are relatively large and wide, sometimes have a rhomboid shape and a tip, and their side is saw-shaped.

The white and large flowers of this tree grow in bunches and each flower has five almost drop-shaped petals, sometimes circular, slightly wrinkled and completely separate.

The fruits are small, spherical, and shiny, and each one is attached to the stems by a thin and elongated stick. These fruits are green at first. But after fully ripening, they turn red.

The core of sour cherry is hard, spherical, and smaller than a pea, and is located in the middle of the fruit.

Clear, yellow-brown resin is secreted from the trunk of this tree.

Sour Cherries Chemical Constituents

Malic acid, polyphenol, 3-caffeoylquinic, 5-caffeoylquinic, p-coumaric acid. Catechin and epicatechin flavanols. Glycosides of quercetin and kaempferol flavonols.

The red color of tart cherries is a result of presence of anthocyanins and antioxidant.

Dwarf Cherry Temperament

Sour cherry is cold and dry at the first of second degree. Sour-sweet cherries are in the first degree of cold. Sour cherry tree resin has a hot and dry temperament.

Sour Cherry Health Benefits

Dried sour cherries are blood heat reducer and also yellow bile reducer. It is stomach tonic, liver tonic and stomachic.

Dried sour cherries expel the slimy humors from the stomach and helps to treat cough, nausea, diarrhea which is caused by yellow bile, thirst, inflammation, chest tightness, urinary infection, dysuria, blood sugar, heart disease and rheumatism.

Eating dried sour cherries beautifies the complexion.

Eating its fresh seed powder along with fennel and water helps to treat kidney diseases, especially kidney pain and kidney stones, dysuria and bladder stones. Sour cherry kernel oil is proven to treat rheumatism.

Dried Sour Cherries stalk decoction is diuretic.

The bark of sour cherry tree also removes phlegm from the chest. Decoctions or liquid compounds made from the bark of the cherry tree are pain relievers.

Eating cherry tree gum with cold water cures old cough, cut sticky humors, so it’s useful for relieving chronic coughs. Rubbing it on the eyes is useful for increasing eyesight and removes itching of the eyelid, and rubbing it on the skin is cleansing and brightening.

Dwarf Cherry Dosage

Sour cherry fruit from 7 to 9 pieces.

Its tree resin is from 2 to 4 grams.

Liquid compounds made from the bark of its tree trunk from 2 to 5 grams.

Sour Cherry Side Effects

It’s not good for cold temperaments.

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