The Diversity Of Iranian Plants

The diversity of Iranian plants

Iran with 11 climates out of 13 global climates and also containing 8000 species of plants that in terms of diversity is at least twice the continent of Europe which more than 2300 species of these plants have medicinal, aromatic, spice and cosmetic properties is one of the top 5 countries in the world in terms of plant and animal diversity.

We can divide Iran’s climate into 4 main categories: Hot and dry, hot and moist, cold and dry and cold and moist.

Cold and dry climate. The diversity of Persian plants.


Cold and moist climate. The diversity of Persian plants.

Seasons Of Iran

Iran is one of the most unique countries in the world in terms of climate and is one of the few countries in the world where four seasons are well visible in it.

This climate characteristic of the country, meaning that it has “four seasons“, is not only influenced by the Siberian high-pressure systems, the Mediterranean rain system and the southern low pressure system, but also the existence of high mountains, vast plains, deserts, rivers, different lakes, located between two seas and specific topography are other factors affecting it.

Due to the diversity of climatic conditions, including temperature differences, humidity differences, above sea level differences and many other factors, Iran has special and unique species of animals and plants with great diversity.


Temperature Diversity

Having a temperature diversity in Iran is one of the most obvious differences between Iran’s climate and most countries in the world. By comparing the climate of various parts of the country, we can well understand this diversity and temperature vary in these areas.

So that the difference in weather temperature in winter between the hottest and coldest point of this land, sometimes reaches more than 50 degrees Celsius.

Hot and dry climate. The diversity of Persian plants.


Hot and moist climate. The diversity of Persian climate.

The Last Reason Of Iranian Plants Diversity

Another reason for Iranian plant diversity is the above free seas level altitude. In Iran, due to the large mountain range and the existence of 600 mountain peaks above 4000 meters high, the highest of which is Damavand mountain with a height of 5610 meters and the existence of the low region south of the Caspian Sea with a height of -28 meters is one of the countries with high altitude difference.






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