About Us


Who We Are

We Spread Health

We are a team, founder of RASIN IT (International Trading) GmbH in Austria and Alavi Cosmopolitan Participation Co. Ltd in Iran. Our global brand is “Anuras”, which means “The universe”. We love four things: health, plants, communication with the world and business.

Our team has a lot of experience in the field of plants and traditional medicine, and considering that we have lived in a country (Iran) that has several climates, a great variety of plants and world-famous traditional medicine, we’ve decided to share this science and this precious treasure (products) with people around the world.

Our Mission

Active In Medicinal Herbs, Plant Resins and Seeds Industry

The activity of RASIN IT GmbH is buying Herbs and Medicinal Herbs, Plant Resins, Seeds and Spices from Iran, which by eliminating the brokers or jobbers and buying directly from the farmer, will provide the consumer with a product at a reasonable price. These products are packed in Austria after testing and receiving European Licenses and certificates and are exported to all parts of the world. We offer our products as online retail to consumers, and as wholesale to importers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our mission

is to provide high quality products, beautiful packaging and offer reasonable price.

Our goal

 is to create a huge network around the world so that farmers who aim to produce high quality products can offer their crops to buyers and consumers.</p?


Resources Are Unlimited

We haven’t confined ourselves to one country because we believe we belong to the whole world. We’ve understood that in this unlimited universe, there need be no competition for resources, for the resources are unlimited. So we have decided to participate instead of compete. We love the whole being and we hope we can bring health and joy to human being and other creatures by our right business and always watch the pleasure of the world.

It’s important for us that our products consumers use the best quality and buy them with very appropriate price. We cooperate with farmers around the world who produce high quality products. We buy it with fair price and try to support them with our purchase. We also try to deliver our products to our buyers on time and have a long time relationship.