Tussilago Farfara

Scientific Name: Tussilago Farfara L.
English Name: Common Colt’s Foot
Other Names in English: Cough Wort, Feal’s Foot, Hoarse Foot, Hoarse Hoof, Ass’s Foot, Farfara
Family: Compositae

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Health Benefits

Coltsfoot flower
1- Drink a cup of its brewed tea every morning, noon and night. It is tonic, laxative, diaphoretic, diuretic and emmenagogue.
2- Its dry incense or inhalation of its smoke is useful for treating shortness of breath, chest ulcers, relieving cough and eliminating chest gas.
Coltsfoot leaves
1- Boil twenty to forty grams of its leaves in one liter of water and strain the tea and drink it three to four cups a day. It is useful for treating skin diseases, bladder inflammation and preventing scrofula, it is useful for treating chest disorders, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
2- Wrap it like a cigarette and smoke. It is useful for relieving cough and shortness of breath and treats lung disorders.
3- If you put it in the form of a suppository in the vagina, it will remove the living and dead fetus.
4- Brew five grams of its leaves and flowers in a glass of boiling water, then sweeten its strained tea with honey and eat it gradually during the day. It is a sedative for asthma, it is also very useful in cases of bronchitis.
5- The poultice of the leaf along with its flower, dwindle the swellings, opens it and heals the wounds.
Coltsfoot buds
1- Brew 20 to 40 grams of its fresh or dried buds in a liter of boiling water and drink its strained tea three cups a day. It is effective for relieving cough and treating bronchitis, softening the chest and relieving severe inflammation of the chest, treating asthma, lung cancer and removing blood clots from the lungs. It is a very useful medicine for severe colds, for treating tuberculosis, sudden paralysis caused by cerebral hemorrhage and influenza.
2- Eating it mixed with honey is good for healing lungs wounds.
Coltsfoot rootstock
1- Brew five grams of it in a liter of boiled water and strain a cup of water every morning, noon and night, and drink it. It is effective in cases of chest disorders, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
2- Keep it in your mouth. It is useful for relieving chronic cough, shortness of breath, chest ulcers and dwindle chest gas.


It is a plant of the Compositae family, perennial, the lower part of which is thick fleshy and creeping, from which a number of vertical stems emerge. The stems are cotton white with flakes that are purple in color and the leaves are broad, close to the ground and attached to the roots. The leaf plate which is facing the soil is cotton white and the upper leaf plate is green and heart-shaped with wavy edges that usually appear after flowers. The flowers are single and yellow, appearing in early spring. This plant grows in wet and humid places and is found in Iran in most areas, including northern of Iran.

Chemical Constituents

To date, approximately 150 phytochemicals have been isolated from the coltsfoot. Previous studies of coltsfoot have identified the presence of chemical constituents such as sesquiterpenes, triterpenoid, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, chromones and its derivatives, alkaloids, and other phytochemicals. Among these compounds, TSL and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives are the main bioactive components in coltsfoot.

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