Quercus Infectoria Oliv.

Scientific Name: Quercus Infectoria Oliv.
Synonyms: Quercus Lucitanica Boiss., Quercus Alpestris Koch, Quercus Valentina Koch and Quercigo Infectoria Syriaca Gand.
Name: Aleppo Oak
Other Names in English: Aleppo Oak Gall
Family: Fagaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Cold and dry.
1- If you hold it in your mouth and suck, it will eliminate bad breath.
2- To prevent nosebleeds, pulverize some of it softly and blow with a piece of pipe or a narrow tube in the nose.
3- Pulverize it, knead it with vinegar and rub it on body and repeat every day. Heals fire blight and syphilis ulcers.
4- Pulverize it softly, then knead it with a little eighty degrees alcohol and put it in the middle of the cervix at night and clean it with water in the morning. Eliminates abnormal vaginal secretion.
5- Pulverize it softly and sprinkle it on the children’s anus that comes out. It cures it.
6- Pulverize it softly, mix it with henna and knead it and tie it to your feet. Removes sweat and foot infection.
Note: It should not be taken more than a few pieces a week, because it will have a negative effect on the throat and chest.


An oak apple is not a fruit. It’s actually a gall from the oak apple gall wasp (Amphibolips confluent). This gall is the size of a golf ball and can be two inches wide. It has a papery feel and is initially leaf-green. Eventually it turns brown and dry. In this case, the gall is actually a mutated leaf

Chemical Constituents

Gallotannic acid 50-70%.

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