Quercus Infectoria Gall

Scientific Name: Quercus infectoria G.Olivier
Name: Aleppo Oak
Other Names in English: Asian Holly Oak, Cyprus Oak
Family: Fagaceae

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Quercus Infectoria Gall For Sale

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About Quercus Infectoria 

The height of the Quercus Infectoria tree reaches six meters.

The leaves of this plant are oval and relatively large, and their sides have curved, small and slightly wrinkled teeth.

Its yellow flowers grow in long and hanging clusters.

The fruit is elongated and oval, and at the bottom, there is a cup-shaped appendage that connects the fruit to the stem. Fruit’s peel is green at first. But after fully ripening, it becomes wooden and turns brown. They are very similar to oak fruit, but a little bigger and has a bowl-shaped appendage.

Inside each fruit there is a kernel, and a thin brown membrane between the kernel and the wooden shell.

On the branches of this tree, relatively large, spherical and hard appendages are formed, on their surface, small bumps are seen, which are actually a kind of scab.

The best type of Aleppo Oak is slightly green, heavy, gassy and without holes.

Chemical Constituents

Gallotannic acid 50-70%.

Temperament: First degree of cold and second degree of dry

Health Benefits

1- If you hold Quercus Infectoria gall in your mouth and suck, it will eliminate bad breath.

2- To prevent nosebleeds, pulverize some of it softly and blow with a piece of pipe or a narrow tube in the nose.

3- Pulverize Quercus Infectoria gall, knead it with vinegar and rub it on body and repeat every day. Heals fire blight and syphilis ulcers.

4- Pulverize it softly, then knead it with a little eighty degrees alcohol and put it in the middle of the cervix at night and clean it with water in the morning. Eliminates abnormal vaginal secretion.

5- Pulverize Quercus Infectoria gall softly and sprinkle it on the children’s anus that comes out. It cures it.

6- Pulverize Quercus Infectoria gall softly, mix it with henna and knead it and tie it to your feet. Removes sweat and foot infection.

Harms: Quercus Infectoria gall should not be taken more than a few pieces a week, because it will have a negative effect on the throat and chest.

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