Polyporus Officinalis

Scientific Names: Polyporus Officinalis Fries.
English Name: Ghariqun
Other Names in English: Fungus Laricis, Agaric, and Fungus of the larch
Family: Polyporaceae

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About Polyporus Officinalis

Polyporus Officinalis is a species of fungus that often grows on coniferous trees and old or rotten trees, destroying their bark and trunk wood.

There are two types of Polyporus: female and male.

Polyporus grows as a large mass, consisting of layers of stratum, unequal in size, cohesive, columnar, sometimes conical, and sometimes cylindrical.

Irregular layers of Polyporus are such that their outer surface looks like a groove.

The color of the outer layers of the female Polyporus is often white, sometimes orange and sometimes brown. The upper parts of them are usually gray.

The outer layers of male Polyporus are darker and sometimes blacker than female one.

The underside of the Polyporus is spongy, soft, and white. The color of the inside of the it is white. The outside of the Polyporus is relatively thick and stiff, but the inside is soft and almost loose.

The outer part of the male Polyporus is stiffer than the female one.

The taste of it is a little sweet at first, but after a short time, it becomes a little astringent and very bitter and bites the tongue.

The best Polyporus is large, light, soft, loose, and female, its layers are not circular and after drying, it powders quickly.

Temperament: First degree of warm and second degree of dry

Health Benefits

Removes phlegm, black bile and yellow bile, diuretic and emmenagogue, opens the liver and kidney blockages.

Nerves, brain, and heart tonic, enlivening and eliminate toxins from toxic spices. Polyporus improves the condition of rotten humors and improves muscle weakness and phlegm fever.

Eating 0.8 gram of Polyporus makes the complexion clear.

Eating 0.8 gram of it with water helps to eliminate bloody sputum and chest bleeding.

Eating 1.7 grams of it with honey and water is laxative of phlegm and black bile and yellow bile, diuretic, emmenagogue, melts concentrated humors, absorbs rotten humors from the depths of the body and is useful for relieving nausea, uterine suffocation, fever, and colic.

Eating it with Sekanjebin syrup improves jaundice and splenitis.

Eating it with fennel breaks kidney and bladder stones and cures visceral pain.

Eating it with Terminalia Chebula and Pistacia Terebinthus resin expels stomach vapors and relieves migraines and chronic and old phlegm headaches.

Eating 2.5 grams of Polyporus and 1.7 grams of licorice resin is good for chest pain, chronic phlegm cough and shortness of breath. Eating 1.7 grams of Polyporus and 1.7 grams of Rheum officinale breaks kidney stones and cures liver diseases, stomach diseases, heartburn, and catarrh.

Eating 1 grams of Polyporus and Aloe Vera helps relieve joint pain, sciatica, gout, nerves diseases and chronic fever.

Chemical Constituents: Agaric acid, Agaricin, Ergosterol, and C31-triterpenoid acid.

Harms: Excessive eating of Polyporus leads to severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Yellow Polyporus and red one are slightly poisonous.

Black Polyporus and male one are highly toxic and can cause anxiety, choking, serious illness and death.

Modifiers: If someone is poisoned by eating black or male Polyporus, you should give them enough warm water and fresh milk and animal fat to vomit frequently. Then use strong herbs for enema, then give him enlivening herbs.


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