Persian Gum

1. Scientific Name: Cerasus Avium (L.) Moench.
Synonyms: Prunus Avium L., Prunus Cerasus L., Var Avium L., Cerasus Dulci Borck.
2. Scientific Name: Cerasus Vulgaris Mill.
Synonyms: Prunus Cerasus L., Cerasus Acacia
3. Scientific Name: Cerasus Mahleb (L.) Mill.
Synonyms: Prunus Mahleb L.
English Name: Persian Gum
Family: Rosaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Hot and dry
1- Eat it mashed. Stimulates appetite, cuts down sticky homours, is beneficial for relieving crushes bladder stones and relieves cough.
2- Dissolve it in boiling water and poultice it on the skin. It is cleansing and polishing.
3- Rubbing it is useful to increase eye vision and relieve itching scabies of the eyelids.
4- Dissolve it in vinegar and rub. It is beneficial for removing pimples in children body.
5- Gently pulverize 5 grams of it each time and eat it with cold water. It is useful for relieving chronic cough.


What gums are called Persian gums? Plum gum, plum or tomato gum, apricot gum, peach gum, cherry gum, sour cherry gum.
The above-mentioned types of fruit trees secrete Persian gum. Their color is white or dark yellow, the difference between Persian gum and Gum Arabic is that Persian gum does not dissolve in cold water.

Chemical Constituents

Palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids.

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