Origanum Vulgare

Scientific Name: Origanum Vulgare L.
Synonyms: Origanum Heracleoticum Lour. Non L., Origanum Loureiroi Kostel.
English Name: Oregano
Other Names in English: Wild marjoram.
Family: Labiatae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Hot and dry
1- Brew ten to twenty grams of its flowering branches in a liter of boiling water and drink its water three cups a day. It is emmenagogue and when the menstrual flow is slow and insignificant due to cold, it is very effective for normalizing and increasing it. It is useful for treating colds, jaundice, cough, sore throat and polydipsia. It is diuretic and tonic. It is useful for treating tuberculosis, liver disorders, extreme weakness and infertility.
2- Boil it with equal amount of broadleaf plantain and drink its strained tea. It is beneficial for relieving the effects of heatstroke.


It is a plant of the Labiatae family, perennial, with hard hairy branches and stems, reddish green and about seventy centimeters high, its leaves are hairy, dark green, wider and larger than marjoram leaves, the shape of the leaves is oval, pointed and without petioles. Its flowers are purple, which appear in clusters in early to mid-summer at the end of flowering branches. Oregano has a fragrant smell. This plant grows on the coast, mountains and forests of different regions of Europe, Asia and Iran, and also is cultivated. In Iran in the northern regions in Lahijan, Talesh and Astara grows wildly.

Chemical Constituents

Bioassay-guided isolation of methanolic extract of the leaves of Origanum vulgare Linn., yielded two protocatechuic acid ester derivatives, origanol A and origanol B along with ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, β-sitosterol, and triacontanol.
Gentisic acid, Chlorogenic acid, p-Coumaric acid, Hyperoside, Isoquercitrin, Rutin, Rosmarinic acid, Quercitrin, Quercetin, Luteolin.

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