Nigella Arvensis Seed

Scientific Name: Nigella Arvensis L.
English Name: Garden Fennel Seeds
Other Names in English: Black Seeds
Family: Ranunculaceae

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Health Benefits

Temperament: Very hot and dry.
1- If it is incense, it is stimulant, relieve gripes, it is emmenagogue, useful for relieving body weakness, eliminating blood poisoning, enlarging liver, relieving nausea, abdominal pain and constipation, it is prescribed to strengthen women after childbirth, makes body warm, dry body moisture, it is effective for relieving cold cough, polydipsia, jaundice, spleen discomfort and bloating colic, it removes the living or dead fetus.
2- Drink 2.5g of it with warm water every day for three days. Eliminates the effects of tarantula bites, relieves bloating.
3- Mix 25 grams of pounded black seed with 100 grams of honey and eat one tablespoon a day. It treats back head pain caused by phlegm.
4- Drink half a glass of its decoction every day for forty days. Treats back pain up to the knee or sciatica, also increases milk.
5- Mix the burnt black seed with tomato paste and eat it. It is good for treating hemorrhoids.
6- Pound it and mix it with honey and oil and eat it. It is beneficial for relieving uterine pain and postpartum pain.
7- Incense with its decoction relieves chest pain.
8- Pound it gently and rub it on the body every night and smell it several times a day. Removes vitiligo and warts.
9- Mix ten grams of black seed with some warm water and honey and drink. Relieves chronic fevers caused by moisture, is diuretic and relieves difficulty urinating, removes kidney stones, relieves respiratory problems.
10- If you fry some of it in tallow every morning for a while and eat it, the complexion turns pink and beautiful.
11- Brew it with vinegar and drink it. It kills and removes some parasites of the gastrointestinal tract.
12- Fry pounded black seed in olive oil for a few minutes, then drop few drops in your nose. It is useful for relieving catarrh that are accompanied by a lot of sneezing.
13- Boil it in olive oil and then drop it in your nose. Cures moisture catarrh.
14- Pulverize it softly, then mix it with vinegar and rub it on the pimples every night and wash it off with warm water in the morning. It cures acne.
15- Pound it and mix it with rose water and poultice it. Cures black bile.
16- Pound it and mix it with sesame oil and poultice it. It is useful for relieving scorches, it is effective for treating abscesses, rheumatism, otitis, nasal ulcers and headaches.
17- If a person has jaundice and the color of his eyes has turned yellow, soak a few of them in milk for an hour, then rub it and drop it in the nose, it will eliminate the jaundice.
18- Mix its powder with henna and lily oil and poultice it on the head or face where the hair has fallen out. It causes hair growth and prevents the rest of the hair from falling out.
Note: It is harmful to the kidneys, pregnant women should avoid it; because it causes miscarriage, overeating in hot temperaments causes swelling and sore throat and cramps.


The seed is a plant of the Ranunculaceae family, genus Nigella, which has two species;
1- Cultivated black seed: It is an annual herbaceous plant covered with fine hairs that has split leaves with very deep cuts so that make leaves like a number of narrow strips, the color of the leaves is dust green. The seeds are small and black and with a slight pressure, a pleasant smell is inhaled from them. This plant is grown in most parts of Iran and is planted in Isfahan and other regions and it is poured on bread and in some areas it is used as a spice.
2- Wild black seed or plain black seed: It is an herbaceous plant, annual and very short. Its leaves are similar to cultivated black seed with narrow cotton divisions. This plant is often grown in grain fields and in deserted areas of Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and Asia, in Iran in Azerbaijan and northern regions and is also cultivated.

Chemical Constituents

n-Nonane, Tricyclene, Camphene, β-Pinene, 2,4,(10)-Thujadiene, Sabinene, β-Myrcene, 1,8-Cineole, α-Terpinene, Limonene, γ-Terpinene, cis-Sabinene hydrate, allo-Ocimenol, Linalool, Terpinolene, trans-Sabinene hydrate, Terpinen-1-ol, 1,5,8-p-Menthatriene, Borneol, Pinocarvone, trans-Dihydrocarvone, Dihydrocarvone, Ocimenone (E), Thymoquinone, Thymol, Carvacrol, 2-Undecanone, n-Octyl isobutyrate, α-Longipinene, Citronellyl acetate, Thymohydroquinone methyl ether, Cyclosativene, α-Longicyclene, α-Copaene, α-Longifolene, (Z)-Caryophyllene, β-Caryophyllene, Thymohydroquinone dimethylether, Aromadendrene, Thymohydroquinone, Davanone, 8-Heptadecene, Dihydrofarnesyl acetate, Pimaradiene, Palmitic acid, Pimara-8(14),15-diene, Octadecanoic acid, Total identified, Quinones, Monoterpene hydrocarbons, Oxygenated monoterpenes, Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, Oxygenated sesquiterpenes, Diterpenes, Alkane, Alkenes, Fatty acids, Fatty acid esters.

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