Impatiens Balsamina

Scientific Name: Impatiens Balsamina
English Name: Henna
Other Names in English: Garden Balsam, Balsam
Family: Balsaminaceae

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Health Benefits

Henna Leaves
Temperament: It is cold and dry and some consider it hot and dry.
1- Eating a maximum of 2 grams of it treat people with urinary retention, increases the body’s resistance to smallpox and some other viral diseases, is useful for reducing stomach pain after childbirth, it is effective for relieving hoarseness, it is emmenagogue, it is useful for treating jaundice, it is useful for relieving Difficulty urinating and kidney and bladder stones. If the substance is taken once a day for 10 consecutive days, it is useful for healing urinary tract ulcers, increasing urination and opening menstruation.
2- Brew 5 grams of it and drink a cup of tea each time. It is useful for losing weight.
3- Mix its powder with tallow and poultice it. It is useful for healing nail corner wounds.
4- Washing the fire burnt wound with its brewed tea is useful for its treatment, and rubbing it is beneficial for hot swellings from which yellow secretions come out.
5- Its poultice with walnut leaves in equal amounts is beneficial for testicular discomfort.
6- Gargle with its decoction is used to remove gumboil and tasting it in the mouth is useful for removing mouth ulcers.
7- Spray it gently on the skin, it heals abscess.
8- If you knead it with water and cover it on the hands and feet, it strengthens it and tightens the skin. If it is rubbed between the fingers, it removes pimples between the fingers, if it is rubbed on the head, it tightens the root of hair and removes dandruff, it is useful for eyesight (wherever it is rubbed, it turns red).
9- Pound its fresh leaves and poultice it. In cases of foot burns caused by beriberi and vitamin B deficiency and skin disorders is beneficial, in addition it is used to treat circumcision wounds, rheumatism and gastric enlargement.
10- Knead it with olive oil and poultice it. It is useful for hair growth and regrows lost hair.
11- Those who are in a state of anger and get angry unnecessarily, and this state is related to their nerves and has no other cause, sometimes they put henna on the skin of their body, especially on the head and soles of the feet, their anger disappears.
12- Knead it with liquid soap and poultice it. Treats head ulcers and knee pain.
13- Knead it with bitter almond oil and poultice it. Removes itchy pimples.
14- Knead it with olive oil and put it on the anus while sleeping and wash it in the morning. Treats thrombosed hemorrhoid.
15- Pulverize it with chickpeas in equal amounts and sprinkle inside the uterus. Stops abnormal discharge.
Note: Pregnant women must not eat it, because it causes miscarriage, is harmful to the throat and lungs, if eaten more than 10 grams of it, it is dangerous and extravagance in it will cause death.
Henna flower
Mix 5 grams of pounded henna with 100 grams of water and some honey and eat. It is useful for relieving all kinds of headaches and drying out moisture, it deepens sleep.


It is a plant of the Lythraceae family, it has a shrub 5 to 6 meters high which branches are opposite, cylindrical and often covered with thorn-like fibers. The leaves are entire, oval, pointed, opposite 2-3 cm long. The flowers are white, fragrant and in group. Henna leaves are usually used as a powder. The color of henna powder is dark green, but in the presence of air, it changes color and turns reddish green, and if you soak it and rub it somewhere for a while, then wash, it reddens that part. This tropical shrub grows in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria and in India and Iran and most other parts of Asia and is sometimes planted, native to Iran in Kerman and Baluchistan.

Chemical Constituents

The constituents of the oil were eugenol (17.6%), hexadecanoic acid (15.1%), Phytol (10.2%), α-terpineol (8.4%) and Etherphenylvinyl (6.7%).
Myristic acid, Palmitic acid, Palmitoleic acid, Stearic acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, α-Linolenic acid, Eicosanoic acid, Gadoleic acid.
Cholesterol, Campesterol, Δ5-Stigmasterol, ß-Sitosterol.

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