Green Tea

Scientific Name: Camellia Sinensis (L.) O. Kutze
Synonyms: Thea Sinensis L., Thea Sinensis L. Var Macrophylla Sieb., Thea Viridis L., Thea Cochinchinensis Lour., Thea Chinensis Sims, Camellia Thea Link. and Camellia Theifera Griff
English Name: Tea Plant
Other Names in English: Benifuuki, Yame Tea.
Family: Ternstroemiaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Temperament: Hot and dry.
1- Brew it with black tea and white tea equally and drink it. It is a stimulant and stops diarrhea.
2- Drink its brewed tea. Kills viruses and bacteria, neutralizes the activity of carcinogens, lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol and protects blood vessels, stops the flu and herpes viruses.


Green tea and black tea are both made from tea leaves and differ only in color and type of preparation method. Its bright color is green or olive green and it is so called because of its green color.

Chemical Constituents

The chemical composition of green tea is complex: proteins (15-20% dry weight), whose enzymes constitute an important fraction; amino acids (1-4% dry weight) such as theanine or 5-N-ethylglutamine, glutamic acid, tryptophan, glycine, serine, aspartic acid, tyrosine, valine, leucine, threonine, arginine, and lysine; carbohydrates (5-7% dry weight) such as cellulose, pectins, glucose, fructose, and sucrose; minerals and trace elements (5% dry weight) such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, cobalt, strontium, nickel, potassium, fluorine, and aluminum; and trace amounts of lipids (linoleic and α-linolenic acids), sterols (stigmasterol), vitamins (B, C, E), xanthic bases (caffeine, theophylline), pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids), and volatile compounds (aldehydes, alcohols, esters, lactones, hydrocarbons). Due to the great importance of the mineral presence in tea, many studies have determined their levels in tea leaves and their infusions. Fresh leaves contain, on average, 3-4% of alkaloids known as methylxanthines, such as caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. In addition, there are phenolic acids such as gallic acids and characteristic amino acid such as theanine present.

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