Echium Amoenum

Scientific Name: Echium Amoenum Fisch. et Mey.
English Name: Bugloss
Other Names in English: Anchusa, Ox-tongue
Family: Boraginaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Bugloss leaves
Boil 30 grams of leaves and stems in half a liter of water, then brew for 10 minutes and drink 4 cups a day every half hour and repeat this every day. Relieves joint pain and gout and treats diphtheria.
Bugloss flower
Temperament: Hot.
1- Drink its brewed tea. It strengthens the nerves, raises the body’s instinctive heat, increases the amount of metabolism in the body’s cells and produces more calories, suppresses diarrhea which is caused by moist, improves shortness of breath, increase blood supply to the brain, and is effective in treating delirium, melancholy, insanity and distractibility.
2- Brew 10 grams of it in one liter of water every day, then strain and drink it gradually during the day. Treats colds, bronchitis, jaundice, urticaria, herpes and measles.
3- Brew it with dried lime and drink it. Cures cold suffocation.
4- For 40 days, brew 5 grams of it with 5 grams of “Common valerian” and sweeten it with rock candy and drink it every day. It strengthens the heart and treats heart disease and heart failure.
5- Boil 5 grams of it with 5 grams of “Water germander”, strain and drink that amount 3 days in the morning before breakfast. Treats nephritis.
6- Drink its extract every day. Gradually cures the obsession disorder.


It is a plant with rough leaves that grows mostly in the northwest of Iran and in some parts of Azerbaijan.

Chemical Constituents

Linoleic acid (35%-38%), oleic acid (16%-20%), palmitic acid (10%-11%), stearic acid (3.5%-4.5%), eicosenoic acid (3.5%-5.5%) and erucic acid (1.5%-3.5%).
m-Geranyl-p-hydroxybenzoic acid, Caffeoyl shikimate acid, Syringaldehyde, p-Hydroxyphenyl lactic acid, Sinapic acid hexoside, Lithospermic acid B, Quercetin-3-O-glucoside (Isoquercetin), Dihydroferulic acid, β-Sitosterol, Luteolin 7-O-glucoside, Quercetin-3-O-rhamnoside (Quercetin), Catechin-7-O-glucoside, Oleuropein, Apigenin 8-C-glucoside (Vitexin), Apigenin 6-C-glucoside (isovitexin), 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid, Caffeic acid, Luteolin 7,3′,4′-trimethyl ether, Kaempferol 3,7,4′-trimethyl ether, Coumaroyl hydroxyagmatine, Naringenin O-hexosides, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid glucoside.

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