Dried Barberry

Scientific Name: Berberis Vulgaris L.
Synonyms: Berberis Thunbergii DC.
English Name: Barberry
Other Names in English:
Family: Berberidaceae

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About Barberry

Barberry is the fruit of a shrub that reaches two meters in height and has many varieties.

This shrub has many branches, relatively thin, prickly and red-brown. Thorns of the barberry shrub usually grow in threes and are the same color as the stems.

The leaves of the barberry shrub are usually oval and sometimes rhomboid, and their side is saw-shaped and has blades.

The flowers of the barberry shrub are yellow and small and grow in clusters. Each flower has two rows of petals, each row usually contains six petals. The inner petals are smaller and thicker. But the outer petals are bigger and thinner. The petals of barberry flowers are circular and bowl-shaped.

The fruits of the shrub are very small, oval, slightly elongated and fleshy, have a sour taste and grow in clusters. These fruits are yellowish green at first. But after fully ripening, they turn red.

The ripe fruit of some species of Berberis Vulgaris is purple. The fruit of this shrub is either seedless or has two very small seeds.

The best barberry is seedless.

Chemical Constituents: Organic acids, Malic acid, Tartaric acid, Valerenic acid, Caproic acid, Sugar, Resin, Berbamine, Columbamine, Curcumin, Sabinene, Turmerol, Tetrahedron, Borneo camphor, Quinine, OxyContin, Jatrorrhizine, Oxyberberine.

Temperament: Cold and dry

Health Benefits

1- Pour dried Barberry in water, leave it for a few hours, then strain and squeeze barberries and drink it. It reduces yellow bile in the blood and excretes yellow bile through the liver and treat vomiting.

2- Brew dried Barberry and squeeze it with pressure and drink it. It purifies the blood, eliminates bad breath, is astringent, stops the flow of blood from hemorrhoids and prevents chronic bleeding.

3- Brew dried Barberry with Wormwood, strain and drink it, it is useful for treating increased urination.

4- Brew dried Barberry with Valerian and Cinnamon and strain it, sweeten it with honey and drink it. It is also very useful for strengthening the liver, improving polydipsia and coldness of the viscera, and improving diarrhea that is due to the weakness of the liver and viscera, and the treatment of chronic fevers.

5- Eat barberry jam or syrup. It increases appetite, strengthens the liver, cools and quenches thirst and stomach upset.

6- Mix dried Barberry with tamarind and brew and strain it by pressure, drink it and keep it in your mouth. Removes Aphthous.

Harms: It’s not good for people who cough.

Modifier: Honey.

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