Black Fasoukh

Scientific Name:
English Name: Black Fasoukh
Other Names in English: Fasoukh, Fassoukh, Giant fennel resin.

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Health Benefits

This resin is used for incense and air freshening as well as meditation.


This is a plant gum from Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family called Giant Fennel.
Upright perennial. Large, cow-parsley like umbels of yellow flowers are borne from late spring to summer on the tops of stems that arise from a mound of finely cut, mid-green foliage. H 6–7ft (2–2.3m), S 3–4ft (1–1.2m).

Chemical Constituents

Camphor (18.3 %), a-pinene(15.3 %), and b-eudesmol (9.3 %) as the main constituents. Twenty-nine compounds were identified in the oil of stemswith b-eudesmol (28.1 %), d-eudesmol (11.1 %), and a-eudesmol (9.6 %) as the main compounds. Twenty com-pounds were characterized in the oil of roots with dillapiole (7.9 %), guaiol (7.3 %), and spathulenol (6.8 %). In the oil of leaves, a-eudesmol (25.2 %), b-eudesmol (20.7 %), d-eudesmol (10.1 %), and caryophyllene oxide (7.2 %) werefound as the main constituents.

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