Althaea Officinalis

Scientific Name:
1- Althaea Officinalis L.
2- Althaea Rosea Cav.
Synonyms of Althaea Rosea: Althaea Sinensis Cav., Althea Nigra Medv.
English Name of Althaea Officinalis: Marsh Mallow
English Name of Althaea Rosea: Holly Hock
Other Names of Althea Rosea in English: Rose Mallow
Family: Malvaceae

Product Details

Health Benefits

Drink 3 cups of its brew tea a day. It is cooling and diuretic and is beneficial for relieving rheumatism, it is useful for improving blood circulation and stop bleeding in menstrual irregularities, and it is effective for Malaria fever, eliminating blood in urine and relieving constipation.


It is a perennial and herbaceous plant of the Malvaceae family, Althaea type, but it is usually biennial and in some areas it is annual, because it is often attacked by a hollyhock rust disease. Its height is about two meters and its stem is strong and rough. The flowers are large and single or 2-3 together and the tail of the flower is very short with a variety of colors such as red, dark red mixed with black, white, purple, even yellow, etc., which usually appear in late summer of the second year. This plant is apparently native to the eastern Mediterranean and is cultivated in various parts of Asia and Europe, and in some areas it is also grown wildly. It grows in the north of Iran in Gilan. It is planted in flowering as an ornamental flower.

Chemical Constituents

All parts of the plant contain mucilage. The flower colour is due to anthocyanins such as cyanidin glycosides or aromadendrin glucosides or flavonols such as herbacetin, kaempferol or quercetin glycosides. Seeds yield mucilage, fixed oil (9-18%), volatile oil (consisting of limonene, phellandrene and citral) and b-sitosterol. Alkaloids also were found in seed samples.

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